C - Economic Series PLC



SeriesEconomic PLC
IO Points8DI/8DO, Transistor NPN output
Program Capacity48K
Execution Speed0.05μs/basic instruction
COM PortBuilt-in 1*RS232+ 1*RS485
ProtocolModbus RTU/ASCII, Haiwellbus high-speed protocol, Freedom protocol
Built-in 2 communication ports (RS232 + RS485), each communication port can be used for programming and networking. Doesn't support expansion module.Support Haiwell cloud platform,can use Haiwell cloud to do remote programming for Haiwell PLC ,upload/download,firmware upgrade,self-diagnosis,monitor and debug. Easy for remote connection and monitoring the real-time data of the site.
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ModelPowerDIDOCommunicationMax ModuleDimension
C16S2T220V AC88 Transistor NPNRS232+RS485N/A93*95*82mm

Terminal Wiring Diagram

Haiwell Industry Automation

Product DI specification


Digital Input DI

Input signal

Non-voltage contact or NPN/PNP contact

Action driving

ON: 3.5 mA above OFF: below 1.5 mA

Input impedance

About 4.3KΩ

Input maximum current


Response time

Default 6.4ms,Configurable 0.8~51.2ms

Isolation mode

Each Channel optical isolation

Input indication

LED light means ON, dark means OFF

Power supply

PLC internal power supply: DC power(sink or source)5.3mA@24VDC

Digital input (DI) wiring diagram

Haiwell Industry Automation

Product DO specification


 Relay Output-R

NPN or PNP transistor output - T/P

maximum load

Resistance load

2A/1 point,8A/4 point per COM

0.5A/1 point,2A/4 point per COM

Inductive load



Light load