C - Economic Series PLC



SeriesEconomic PLC
IO Points28DI/20DO, Relay output
Program Capacity48K
Execution Speed0.05μs/basic instruction
COM PortBuilt-in 1* Ethernet port+1*RS232 port+1*RS485 port
ProtocolModbus TCP, Haiwellbus TCP, Modbus RTU/ASCII, Haiwellbus high speed protocol, freedom protocol
The PLC with Ethernet port also has all the functions of the PLC of same type without Ethernet port, it also supports networking,programming and monitoring via ethernet. Support Haiwell cloud platform,can use Haiwell cloud to do remote programming for Haiwell PLC ,upload/download,firmware upgrade,self-diagnosis,monitor and debug. Easy for remote connection and monitoring the real-time data of the site.
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ModelPowerDIDOCommunicationMax ModuleDimension
C48S2R-e220V AC2820 RelayEthernet  + RS232 + RS485N/A177*95*82mm

Terminal Wiring Diagram


Product DI specification


Digital Input DI

Input signal

Non-voltage contact or NPN/PNP contact

Action driving

ON: 3.5 mA above OFF: below 1.5 mA

Input impedance

About 4.3KΩ

Input maximum current


Response time

Default 6.4ms,Configurable 0.8~51.2ms

Isolation mode

Each Channel optical isolation

Input indication

LED light means ON, dark means OFF