Haiwell Cloud APP

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Obtain Haiwell Cloud APP

Haiwell Cloud APP support many platform terminals, such as PC, iPad, Android and iOS. Users can search “Haiwell Cloud” in any APP application store and download it freely or scan the QR code of Haiwell official APP to obtain it directly.


Haiwell Cloud APP

HMI and SCADA can be monitored and controlled remotely by Haiwell cloud APP easily.  Haiwell cloud app provide security communication mechanism that uses 128-bit SSL encryption mechanism, which ensure the stabilization of data transmission. What’s more, it set ‘A-Key’ and ‘B-Key’ or “Password check mechanism” in equipment to ensure that remote access equipment is stable and safe. Haiwell Industry Automation

Haiwell Coud APP instructions

The specific operation details can be seen in the Haiwell cloud APP instruction.