Communication PLC expansion module



SeriesCommunication Module
COM PortZigbee wirless
Remote I/O moduleSupported
Zigbee wireless communication. The module connectedto the host PLC via the parallel Bus, power supplied by the HostPLC extension at 24VDC. Use the address of the PLC to communicate, no need toset the Zigbee address again. Support the Modbus communication instruction ofthe PLC. Node types: Coordinator, Router. Use DIPswitch to choose coordinator mode or the router mode. Easy to install, easy tobuild wireless communication network, cost-effective and competitive.
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H01ZBZigbee wireless communication30×95×82mm

Terminal Diagram

Haiwell Industry Automation

Remarks:Thefirst five codes of DIP switches (1-5) are used for setting the network ID, theDIP switche code 6 is used as a coordinator / router switch, when dialed to"ON", the work module turns to be a coordinator, when dialed to"OFF", the work mode turns to be a router. DIP switch code 7and code 8 is invalid.

Installation Method

RailMounting: Use standard35 mm rail.

Screw Mounting: Each communication isolation modulehas two positioning screw holes; the diameter of the hole is 4.5mm and thedistance of the two holes is 91mm.

Please refer to the dimensionfigure for the location of the positioning holes and their spacing.

Haiwell Industry Automation


Power SupplyThe host extension power supply
Environment temperatureOperating temperature: 0~+55
Storage temperature: -25~+70

Humidity: 5~95% RH, No comdensation
Operating Frequency2.4~2.5GHz
Transmit Power+14dBm
Receiver sensitivity95dBm
Allowed relay(routing) numberUp to 6 by default
Protocol conversionZigbee <=> modbus
Maximum communication rate38400bps
The number of channels6
PANID range1~31
The largeest network capacity65535
Reliable transmission distance150m (No hinder, linear distance)
ZigBee protocol versionZigBee Pro
Network typeMesh
Node typesThe coordinator, routers
Antenna typeSMA antenna