SeriesDigital Module
DI/DO points12DI/12DO, Transistor PNP output
COM PortBuilt-in 1*Ethernet port+1*RS485 port
Remote I/O moduleSupported
The expansion module with Ethernet port also has all the functions of the expansion module of same type without Ethernet port, it also supports Haiwell cloud platform,can use Haiwell cloud to do remote programming for Haiwell PLC ,upload/download,firmware upgrade,self-diagnosis,monitor and debug. Easy for remote connection and monitoring the real-time data of the site.
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H24XDP-e24V DC1212 Transistor PNPRS48593*95*82mm

Terminal wiring diagram


Product DI specification

ItemDigital Input DI
Input signalNon-voltage contact or NPN/PNP contact
Action drivingON: 3.5 mA above OFF: below 1.5 mA
Input impedanceAbout 4.3KΩ
Input maximum current10mA
Response timeDefault 6.4ms,Configurable 0.8~51.2ms
Isolation modeEach Channel optical isolation
Input indicationLED light means ON, dark means OFF
Power supplyPLC internal power supply: DC power(sink or source)5.3mA@24VDC

Digital input (DI) wiring diagram

Haiwell Industry Automation

Product DO specification

Item Relay Output-RNPN or PNP transistor output - T/P
Resistance load2A/1 point,8A/4 point per COM0.5A/1 point,2A/4 point per COM
Inductive load50VA5W/24VDC
Light load100W12W/24VDC
Min. load10mA2mA
Voltage specificationBelow 250VAC,30VDC30VDC
Drive capabilityMaximum 5A/250VACMAX 1A 10S
Response timeOff-on 10ms,On-off 5msOff→On 10μs, On→Off 120μs
Leakage current when 
route opened
---Below 0.1mA
Isolation modeMechanical isolationEach Channel optical isolation
Output indicationLED light means ON , dark means OFF
Power supplyPLC internal power supply 24VDC

Digital Output (DO) wiring diagram

DC PNP Transistor output.png

CR NumberFunction Declare
00H (Read only)The low byte is the module code, and the high byte is the module version number.
01HCommunication address
02HCommunication protocols:The low 4-bit of the low bytes: 0 - N,8,2 For RTU1 - E,8,1 For RTU
2 - O,8,1 For RTU
3 - N,7,2 For ASCII4 - E,7,1 For ASCII5 - O,7,1 For ASCII6 - N,8, 1 For 
The high 4-bit of the low bytes: 0 – 24001 – 48002 – 96003 – 192004 – 38400
5 – 57600
6 - 115200
03H~06HExtend module name
07H~08HDefault IP address:
09~0AH (Read only)Reserve
0BHHigh byte subnet mask (b3~b0,1 indicates 255, 0 indicates 0, for example, subnet mask, b3~b0=1110), low byte reserved
0CH~0EH (Read only)Reserve
0FH (Read only)Error code : 0-normal, 1-illegal firmware identity ,2-incomplete firmware, 3-system data access
 exception, 4-No external 24V power supply
10H~4FH (Read only)DI channel 1~64 input value
50H~8FHDO channel 1~64 output value
90HFiltering time of DI ms, 0 - 0.81 - 1.62 - 3.23 - 6.44 - 12.85 - 25.66 - 51.2
91H~9FH (Read only)Reserve