Communication PLC expansion module



SeriesCommunication Module
COM Port1*RS232 or 1*RS485
Remote I/O moduleSupported
The communication expansion module with isolation contains 1 RS232 or RS485 communication port; It canbe hanged at the back of the host through theparallel bus, and it should be powered by the inner 24VDC supply from the host. It supports various communication protocols, such as Modbus RTU/ASCII, the free communication protocol and Haiwellbus high speed communication protocol, while the baud rate is from 1200bps to 57600bps. It can also be used as the extended module for PLC host except the C series, while it does not support communication format.
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S01RSWith isolation ,1 RS232/RS485 communication port, Modbus RTU/ASCII 
protocol, freedom communication protocol, Haiwellbus high speed 
communication protocol, Baud rate 1200~57600bps

Terminal wiring diagram 

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RS485 and RS232 wiring diagram

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