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How to modify the communication port baud rate and data format of Haiwell PLC?

2016-08-17 14:24:53 haiwell

The default communication baud rate of Haiwell PLC is :19200,8 N 2  if you want to modify it then you can operate like  the following steps :

1. Run the Haiwell PLC programming software, and make PLC online,select the [PLC/PLC conmunication protocol ]menu, enter in the [set the PLC communication protocol] window.

2. Choose the modify port in the PLC port(COM1: host round mouth,COM2:host port of 485, COM3: communication module 1, COM4: communication module 2, com5: communication module 3)

3. Select the baud rate and data format,then click "OK" button to complete it.