• P series IPC

  • ModelSpecificationWeight (KG)Hole Size (W x H )Product Dimension
    (W x H x D)
    P1515" TFT,1024×768, Intel Baytrail J1900 4-Core CPU
    Support VGA and HDMI output, WIFI is optional
    Linux System, uninterrupted running with 24 hour
    Built-in Haiwell Cloud SCADA
    NW: 5kg
    GW:  6.3kg
    355 x 271mm


    375 x 290 x 57mm

    P1717" TFT, 1280×1024, Intel Baytrail J1900 4-Core CPU
    Support VGA and HDMI output, WIFI is optional
    Linux System, uninterrupted running with 24 hous
    Built-in Haiwell Cloud SCADA
    NW: 6.7kg
    GW: 8.2kg



    P2222" TFT, 1920×1080, Intel Baytrail J1900 4-Core CPU
    Support VGA and HDMI output, WIFI is optional
    Linux System, uninterrupted running with 24 hour
    Built-in Haiwell Cloud SCADA
    NW: 8.7kg
    GW: 10.6kg



     ✪ Haiwell Industrial panel PC User Manual

    Haiwell Industrial Panel PC

    * Intel Baytrail J1900 4-Core CPU, DDR3+SSD

    * Shell is made in steel plate, matte smooth panel, more beautiful and firm

    * 178° full view LED screen, high resolution, high color saturation, exquisite screen                                                                  

    * Original resistance-type touch screen with dust-proof and oil-proof, touch sensitively, the life-time is more than 30 millions times

    * Support power-on function, use all-solid capacitors, uninterrupted running with 24 hours

    * Stainless steel power switch, dedicated aviation power interface with fixed nut connector without loosening

    * Flexible application in industrial automation, intelligent equipment, industrial control, HMI and other PC control

    * Standard USB 3.0 and USB 2.0, 2 RJ-45 interfaces(1000MB), 1 LINE-OUT, 6xCOM

       ( Default RS232 ), support VGA and HDMI output, WIFI is optional

    * Support for embedded, VESA cantilever, wall hanging, desktop bracket and other installation methods, there will be given 1 desktop bracket and 1 set of (4 pcs) embedded snap for free  

    * Support MQTT Protocol, support access to database servers, easy for data collection and report, connecting ERP/MES and other systems.