E Series Economic Inverter

  • E Series Economic Inverter

  • Model G type
    Output rated
    current (A)
    Input voltageWire Diameter  mm2Weight(Kg)Dimension
    HxWxD (mm)
    E0.4S20.4KW2.3Single-phase 220V21.25


    E0.7S20.75KW4Single-phase 220V2
    E1.5S21.5KW7Single-phase 220V2
    E2.2S22.2KW9Single-phase 220V4
    E0.4T40.4KW23-phase 380V2
    E0.7T40.75KW2.53-phase 380V2
    E1.5T41.5KW3.83-phase 380V2
    E2.2T42.2KW5.53-phase 380V4

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    Haiwell E series Inverter

    Haiwell E Series Economic Inverter

    ● Built-in PID function

    ● Support international standard RS485 communication (Modbus RTU)

    ● V / F curve diversification, V / F can be separated

    ● Automatic stabilization (AVR), keep the output voltage constant voltage