E Series Servo

  • E Series Servo

  • E Series Servo Drive

    ModelPowerInput voltageDimension(mm) WxHxD
    E2S0.4G0.4KWSingle-phase 220V60×160×173.5
    E2S0.75G0.75KWSingle-phase 220V60×160×173.5
    E2S1.0G1.0KWSingle-phase 220V60×160×173.5
    E2T1.5G1.5KW3-phase 220V88×160×183
    E2T2.0G2.0KW3-phase 220V88×160×183
    E4T0.75G0.75KW3-phase 380V88×160×183
    E4T1.0G1.0KW3-phase 380V88×160×183
    E4T1.5G1.5KW3-phase 380V88×160×183

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    E Series Servo Motor

    ModelPowerMotor Frame No.Rated torque(N.m)Rotation speed (r/min)Encoder
    60SFM-E006300.2KW600.6 3000Incremental
    60SFM-E013300.4KW601.3 3000Incremental
    60SFM-E019300.6KW601.9 3000Incremental
    80SFM-E013300.4KW801.3 3000Incremental
    80SFM-E024300.75KW802.4 3000Incremental
    80SFM-E035200.73KW803.5 2000Incremental
    80SFM-E040251.0KW804.0 2500Incremental
    80SFM-E040301.2KW804.0 3000Incremental
    90SFM-E024300.75KW902.4 3000Incremental
    90SFM-E035200.73KW903.5 2000Incremental
    90SFM-E040251.0KW904.0 2500Incremental
    110SFM-E020300.6KW1102.0 3000Incremental
    110SFM-E040301.2KW1104.0 3000Incremental
    110SFM-E050301.5KW1105.0 3000Incremental
    110SFM-E060201.2KW1106.0 2000Incremental
    110SFM-E060301.8KW1106.0 3000Incremental
    130SFM-E040251.0KW1304.0 2500Incremental
    130SFM-E050251.3KW1305.0 2500Incremental
    130SFM-E060251.5KW1306.0 2500Incremental
    130SFM-E077252.0KW1307.7 2500Incremental
    130SFM-E100101.0KW13010.0 1000Incremental
    130SFM-E100151.5KW13010.0 1500Incremental
    130SFM-E100252.5KW13010.0 2500Incremental
    130SFM-E150152.3KW13015.0 1500Incremental

    Note: -B: Built-in braking unit  T4: 3-phase 380V   T2: 3-phase 220V


    ● Fast response: 1.2KHz response frequency, only 7ms from -3000 to 3000rpm.

    ● High control precision. 4M command pulse input frequency, equipped with 20-bit encoder, 1 lap of 1.04 million pulses.

    ● Strong overload capability. The instantaneous torque up to 3 times overload.

    ● Automatic notch filter, it able to cope with changes in resonant frequency.

    ● Automatic vibration reduction. It can solve the vibration problem of low rigidity machinery such as the front end of robot arm.