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    Ethernet ModelModelSpecificationDimension
    24V DC24V DCTypeSpecificationConversion
    Power Module
    2 channels programmed 
    control DC constant voltage / 
    constant current output, with
     current and voltage 
    16 bitsRS485, supports 
    remote function 

    Haiwell PLC


    H01WGLoad Cell Module1 Channel24 bitsRS485, supports 
    remote function 



    H02WG2 Channels24 bits/

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    PLC programmable power module

    ● Supports Haiwell cloud platform, which can be used for remote programming, downloading, firmware upgrade, diagnosis, monitoring and debugging of PLC through Haiwell cloud.

    ● Set parameters in real time to facilitate the generation of various power test curves.

    ● Constant power design, each channel supports a maximum of 20W long-term output, short-term peak output power up to 50W, maximum output voltage 50V, maximum output current 5A. Hardware constant voltage and constant current control.

    ● PWM output mode is provided, control cycle is subdivided into mS, 12-bit AD real-time measurement shows the current output voltage and current.

    PLC Load Cell Module

    ● The design of industrial grade standard applies to different kinds of harsh industrial environments.

    ● Provide 24 bits high resolution and support multi-segment calibration.

    ● Supporting 4 or 6-wire weighing sensors with multiple eigenvalues, customers can adjust their reaction speed according to their requirements, so that accurate weighing can easily meet most of the demands of the current weighing application market.

    ● Provide the current weighing status bit flag, asisit on-site automatic weighing control.

    ● It has the functions of standstill check and zero point detection to effectively restrain zero drift of load cell.

    ● Weighing module can be widely used in packaging, food, chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials, feed processing and other fields.

    haiwell.png Haiwell PLC Introduction and Features
            haiwell.png PLC Programming Software  - HaiwellHappy Features        haiwell.png Haiwell PLC Specification

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