Large-screen Controller TV-BOX

  • Large-screen Controller TV-BOX

  • ModelSpecificationDimension
    TV-BoxSupprots 4K/1080P/1080i/720P dispaly. Quad-Core Cortex-A7, 8GB flash
    Supports HDMI/ WiFi/ USB/ Internet interface



    ✪ Haiwell TV-BOX User Manual

    Haiwell large-screen controller TV-BOX can realize the large-screen display of HMI images in the LAN. User can select, switch and view multiple touch screen images on the TV screen, and realize the function of large traditional electronic display board in the most cost-effective way.Through TV-BOX,different sizes of touch screen images can be displayed on the TV screen. The scada, curve, formula,user rights and other functions on the HMI can be displayed on the large screen.Users can use remote controller or mouse by USB interface of TV-BOX to realize the remote operation and monitoring of the HMI.

    Functional features

    ● Big electronic display board function
    One TV-BOX, one TV, and multiple HMIs can easily realize the function of big electronic display board, which is widely used in agricultural greenhouses, aquaculture, libraries, production workshops and other large screen data monitoring and display applications.

    ● Dual-band wireless WIFI
    The dual-frequency 2.4G /5G WIFI chip is equipped, so the network speed is faster and more stable.

    ● Innovation of the project
    HMI Image can be displayed according to the size of the TV screen
    Support remote controller button, wired keyboard and mouse three modes of operation, easy and convenient operation.

     Remote management
    Supports display, access, and remote control of HMI within the LAN.

     Firmware upgrading function
    Support online and offline version update.

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