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Haiwell PLC-Switch input and output specifications and wiring

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Digital input (DI)specification

ItemDigital Input DI
Input signalNon-voltage contact or NPN/PNP contact
Action drivingON: 3.5 mA above OFF: below 1.5 mA
Input impedanceAbout 4.3KΩ
Input maximum current10mA
Response timeDefault 6.4ms,Configurable 0.8~51.2ms
Isolation modeEach Channel optical isolation
Input indicationLED light means ON, dark means OFF
Power supplyPLC internal power supply: DC power(sink or source)5.3mA@24VDC

Digital output (DO)specification

Item Relay Output-RTransistor Output NPN-T
Resistance load2A/1 point,8A/4 point per COM0.5A/1 point,2A/4 point per COM
Inductive load50VA5W/DC24V
Light load100W12W/DC24V
Min. load10mA2mA
Voltage specificationBelow 250VAC,30VDC30VDC
Drive capabilityMaximum 5A/250VACMAX 1A 10S
Response timeOff-on 10ms,On-off 5msOff→On 10us, On→Off 120us
Leakage current when 
route opened
---Below 0.1mA
Isolation modeMechanical isolationEach Channel optical isolation
Output indicationLED light means ON , dark means OFF
Power supplyPLC internal power supply 24VDC

Digital Input (DI) wiring diagram

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Digital output (DO) wiring diagram

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