Products Introduction

Haiwell IOT Terminal Video Tutorial Collection

Haiwell IoT terminals products support cloud functions and the Internet of Things MQTT protocol.

Haiwell PLC Programmable Logic Controller Features

Haiwell PLC is a versatile high-performance programmable logic controller, which is widely used in plastics, packaging, textiles, food, medical, pharmaceutical...

HaiwellHappy Programming Software Features

HaiwellHappy is a easy programming software for Haiwell PLC. Supports built-in simulator. All instructions are highly integrated. Very easy to study and use.

Haiwell PLC-Specification of C/T/H/N series

Performance SpecificationItemSpecificationDeclareExecution speed0.05μs/basic instructionProgram languageLD(ladder) + FBD(function block) + IL( instruction&

Haiwell PLC-N series MPU Terminal Wiring Diagram

N Series PLC Terminal Wiring Diagram

Haiwell PLC-Analog I/O module Terminal Wiring Diagram

Analog I/O module  Terminal Wiring Diagram           

Haiwell PLC- Temperature module Terminal Wiring Diagram

Temperature module Terminal Wiring Diagram           

Haiwell PLC- Digital I/O module Terminal Wiring Diagram

Digital I/O module Terminal Wiring Diagram                 

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