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Haiwell PLC-H/N series’ new functions including motion control

2015-08-06 13:42:39 haiwell

H/N Series’ new functions: 

1. New platform, using ARM + FPGA architecture frame, higher processing speed 

2. Support removable terminal, carries the rechargeable batteries for the real-time clock

3. 16 points (8 channel high speed 200KHZ counter), 16 points(8 channel 200KHZ high speed pulse output)

4. More control points, more memory element and larger capacity

5. Modified the instruction algorithm: 

 1) HHSC: Cancel the internal counting control and internal direction control, Calculate the frequency automatically while counting.

 2) SPD: Keep using detecting time (unit: 0.1 ms) method as frequency measurement and  add the pulse number method to 

measure  the frequency.

 3) PWM: Be modified to the designated pulse frequency and duty ratio of output,instead of  the designated pulse width 

and  output.

 4) XCH: Keep XCH 16-bit instructions for byte exchange, added the 32-bit instructions D.XCH for registers exchange.

 5) SHL SHR WSHL WSHR ROL ROR WROL WROR BSHL BSHR: Increase the shift times.

 6) HEX ASCI: Modified the instruction algorithm, convenient for framing.

 7) GHLB: Increase the element number of terminals.

 8) GPWM: Be modified to the designated pulse frequency and duty ratio of output,instead of  the designated pulse width and cycle output.

 9) PID: Canceled the Auto terminal.

 10) SC: Modified the upper and lower limit terminals to independent terminals.

 11) TTC: Added the Act control mode, added per second and per minute two kinds of time unit.

 12) GRAY、GBIN: added the support of bit address conversion and register conversion to work simultaneously.


6. New instruction added: 

 1) DECO: Decode

 2) ENCO:  Encode

 3) RCV: Receive 

 4) XMT: Transmitter

 5) GETB: Get Byte

 6) SORT: Data sort

 7) MC: Master control Start

 8) MCR: Master control Reset

 9) ZRN: Zero return 

 10) PPMR: 2-Axis Relative Point to Point Motion

 11) CIMR: 2-Axis Relative Position Arc Interpolation

 12) SPLS: Simple pulse output

 13) MPTO: Multi-Segment pulse output

 14) SYNP: Synchronization pulse output

 15) PSTOP: Stop pulse output

 16) TACCU: Time accumulative total

 17) SETZ: Set electric zero point

 18) ZRST: Zone reset

 19) SUM: Sum of Active bits

 20) FACCU: Floating point accumulation

 21) FAVG: Floating point average

 22) FMAX: Floating point maximum

 23) FMIN: Floating point minimum

7. Added the support of communication format N, 8, 1 RTU and 115200 baud rate

8. Added the record of the system failure SV817 ~ SV832, enable to record, inquiry all the system failure

9. Added the data locking function, enable to lock components status or values, make the component values invariant unless been unlocked. Please use with caution in locking data function, locking the data may bring unforeseen consequences.

10. Motion control function: support the linear interpolation,circular interpolation, flower pulse output,absolute address,relative address,backlash compensation, zero return,definition of electrical origin etc.