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Haiwell PLC release new thermocouple module

2015-08-06 10:04:19 haiwell

Exquisite compact - Haiwell release new thermocouple module       

1. New pictures

Haiwell Industry Automation

2. New changes

1) appearance tone

The tone of previous is black and blue,now it is changed black and blue and green. Green is mainly reflected in the green terminal, as shown in the following figure:

Haiwell Industry Automation

2) Module size

H04TC and H08TC module size is from the previous 70 x 95 x 82mm and 93 x 95 x 82mm, unified into 70 x 95 x 82mm, the smaller module size provides more spacious use of space for the electric control cabinet .

3) Terminal

From the graph can be directly found, the terminal module is from the previous double terminal can be disassembled into the single row a removable terminal, this makes the terminal becomes more compact, it make more room for module "downsizing" .

4) Terminal identification

A double module is composed of a single row, apparently, terminal map is changed, the following is H04TC and H08TC terminal map.

4.1. H04TC terminal change contrast

Haiwell Industry Automation

 the above picture is new H04TC terminal map

 4.2. H08TC terminal change contrast   

Haiwell Industry Automation

the above picture is new H08TC terminal map


3. The same Connection mode

After the appearance of module is changed, the wiring diagram is the same as the original module:    

Haiwell Industry Automation