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Haiwell won the CAIMRS-2018 Intelligent manufacturing Demo Award

2019-03-01 23:44:22 market

On March 1 2019, the 17th Annual Conference of China Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing annual conference, held by China Industrial Control Network in Beijing . The "Haiwell PLC HMI remote unattended pumping station system" won the CAIMRS-2018 Intelligent manufacturing Demo Award.


Pumping station is the solution to provide potential energy and pressure energy for water, to solve the problems of drainage and irrigation, water supply and water resources allocation without self-flow. It plays a very important role in industry, agriculture and water supply for urban and rural residents. Pumping station monitoring system requires timely and accurate information acquisition, simple information processing operation and easy maintenance, and easy installation and stable operation.

Haiwell remote unattended pumping station system solution is not only simple to install and operate, but also realizes remote unattended operation, real-time mobile phone APP monitoring, which greatly saves the cost of engineers outgoing for debugging, and is well received by users.

Cloud computing is the core component of industrial Internet of Things. It is the inevitable trend of modern industrial development to enable devices to achieve cloud management. 

Haiwell cloud HMI, Cloud box CBOX, IPC, Cloud configuration SCADA and other products help users to achieve equipment cloud management, remote data acquisition and maintenance, remote real-time monitoring and alarm. With the helping functions of the Internet of Things, incorporate the data into the management of enterprise business operation system ERP and manufacturing implementation system MES, and help enterprises realize the intelligent factory.

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