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Haiwell strives to provide users with a more complete industrial Internet of Things solution

2019-03-26 16:09:06 market

“Internet of Things” refers to the connection of items to the Internet for information exchange and communication for intelligent identification, location, tracking, monitoring and management. “Industrial Internet of Things” refers to the interactive communication between industrial resources and the Internet. Through continuous information interaction, it continuously optimizes various industrial production links and ultimately realizes traditional industrial intelligence. While greatly improving production efficiency, reducing production costs, and improving production quality, it is also possible to achieve efficient use of resources and greatly reduce resource consumption. With the continuous innovation of technology, the footsteps of the Industrial Internet of Things will continue to accelerate into a new era.


Haiwell has been focusing on product development in the field of industrial automation. Since the establishment of Haiwell, we has kept up with the development needs of the industry and has continued to innovate. Starting from a single PLC controller, the product category has gradually expanded. Nowadays, the product has covered different categories such as driver layer, control layer, network layer, monitoring layer, human-computer interaction layer, cloud and remote monitoring and control. Haiwell is constantly striving to provide users with a more complete, end-to-end total industrial Internet of Things Solutions portfolio.

Haiwell Technology

According to market data, the participants in the domestic industrial IoT industry chain mainly include equipment manufacturers, system integrators, network operators, and platform suppliers. Currently, the main gainers of profits are device manufacturers and system integrators. With the continuous development of the industry, the market demand for services will become stronger and stronger, and the profits of network operators and platform suppliers will usher in a rapid rise and will become the main gainers of industrial profits.

Haiwell continues to enrich and improve the overall industrial Internet of Things solution. It is believed that it will not only bring more market and benefits to partners, but also bring good application experience and real convenience to end users.