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2019 Haiwell New Product Launch Conference - Ningbo Station successfully concluded

2019-07-01 16:49:22 market

On June 29th, “Haiwell New Product Launch Conference-Ningbo Station” was held in the Keli Internet of Things Industrial Park in Jiangbei District. More than 70 people from the local and surrounding areas attended the exchange meeting. The meeting began with a warm welcome and thank you for our customers coming!

Haiwell海为新品发布交流会 - 宁波站

Next, we introduce Haiwell's new products and technologies, including Haiwell Card PLC, Cloud Box , Haiwell Industrial IoT Solution, Cloud HMI & SCADA New Funcations, Haiwell Cloud Platform, Cloud Security and more.

New Haiwell products A series card type PLC, retaining the feature of the classical PLC products, a more compact hardware design in designning ( the weigth more like card size). As for the Cloud Box, which integrate HMI funtion, is able access to Haiwell cloud for realizing device cloud management, remote data collection, remote real-time monitoring, control & alarm and other functions, we can call it as “an HMI without touching panel”.  Able to use cellphone APP for management.  The company is dedicated to providing industrial IoT solutions, such as smart factories, smart agriculture, smart photovoltaics, smart farming, intelligent fire protection, smart charging piles etc.

Haiwell PLC.jpg

In addition to the PPT presentation, the conference also has a full range of physical and display platform demonstrations. At the meeting, everyone actively asked questions and shared questions ,  cloud data security became the focus of everyone's attention.

Haiwell海为新品发布交流会 - 宁波站

Haiwell Cloud is a cross-platform industrial IoT cloud platform that supports Cloud map, Cloud networking, Cloud access, Cloud video, Cloud alarms, Cloud engine, Cloud management, Cloud translation and more. Users can log in to the cloud platform through Haiwell Cloud APP and web page to manage, operate and maintain remote devices. Haiwell unique AB Key Cloud security mechanism makes the users have firmly confidence in Haiwell.

Haiwell海为新品发布交流会 - 宁波站

This meeting close the distance between Haiwell and partners,Haiwell and terminal users, and deepened mutual understanding. It also provides a good communication platform, dating old friends, meeting new people, and promoting the communication and sharing of information between users.

The Ning Bo meeting has been successfully completed. Where do you want to meet Haiwell in the next stop? Looking forward to meeting with more industry partners, see you next time!