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Good News | Haiwell was awarded "Xiamen specialized, refined, distinctive,innovative small and micro enterprisese"

2019-07-11 16:38:23 market


Xiamen Haiwell Technology Co., Ltd. was awarded "2019-2021 Xiamen specialized, refined, distinctive,innovative small and micro enterprises".

The "2019 Xiamen ‘Professional-Dedicated-Special-New’ small and micro businesses" aim at identify enterprise who focus on software, energy-saving, environment-friendly, biological medicine, new material, new energy, machinery, light industry, electronic, intelligent equipment etc. 

That is to encourage small and micro enterprises in Xiamen to transform and upgrade, enhance the ability of self-innovation, focus on the product quality and core competitiveness of enterprises, and take the road of specialization, refinement, specialization and novelty.

Thanks to the government and relevant departments of the industry for the recognition and affirmation of Haiwell's technological innovation strength and comprehensive market competitiveness, which provides strong support for the company's comprehensive development in the future. Haiwell will make steady progress, focus on scientific research, develop the business, give full play to its advantages,  innovate and upgrade, to provide customers with better and more secure products and services.