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Haiwell IOT Terminal Video Tutorial Collection

2019-11-04 17:02:54 market

Haiwell IoT terminals products  (IOT Cloud HMI, IOT Cloud Box, IPC, Cloud SCADA 3.0) support cloud functions and the Internet of Things MQTT protocol.

Cloud function support: cloud access, cloud alarm, cloud monitoring, cloud debugging, cloud management, cloud security, cloud map, support mobile phone, ipad mobile terminal, PC web page local/remote access, mobile support, weather forecast push and remotely download the programs on IOT Cloud HMI and PLC function,etc.

Haiwell Cloud

Support the IoT MQTT protocol: It can realize the interaction between device data and database, upload data to database, support Mysql, Sql Server, etc.;Data can be send to the device through the database to control the device;Docking internal management systems such as ERP, MES, and third-party software. Realize centralized remote control of equipment, connect data visualization system, and realize data analysis and decision support.

In order to facilitate the automation engineers to quickly master the IOT Cloud HMI cloud function and the application of the IoT terminals MQTT protocol supported by the Iot, we recorded 22 HMI video tutorials, and 7 tutorials on the application of the MQTT protocol. . Every 3-5 minutes of video, let's get ready for the "Internet of things" journey.


Click to download the Haiwell IoT Terminal MQTT protocol application video tutorial.zip


   Session 1:Introduction to Haiwell IOT device and MQTT application.mp4

   Session 2:Remote SCADA-Control requirements.mp4

   Session 3:Installation of EMQ broker in local area network.mp4

   Session 4:Configuration of data group and MQTT server.mp4

   Session 5:Configuration of MQTT device in Haiwell Cloud SCADA 3.0.mp4

   Session 6:Database storage through MQTT.mp4

   Session 7:FAQs on Remote Scada & database storage.mp4

   Session 8:Cloud data center - Data group & data reporting server

   Session 9:Cloud data center - Haiwell SCADA 3.0 cloud data center

   Session 10:Cloud data center - Cloud data center in APP & verification

Click to download the Haiwell IoT Cloud HMI video tutorial.zip


   Session 1: Hardware & Network configuration.mp4

   Session 2: Basic operation & project downloading.mp4

   Session 3: Access HMI via browser in LAN.mp4

   Session 4: Access system setting of HMI in LAN.mp4

   Session 5: Multi screen display over network in LAN.mp4

   Session 6: Introduction to Haiwell cloud APP.mp4

   Session 7: Binding HMI & remote access in APP.mp4

   Session 8: Cloud map on Haiwell cloud APP.mp4

   Session 9: Cloud alarm on Haiwell cloud APP.mp4

   Session 10: SMS alarm & alarm graphics.mp4

   Session 11: Remote access on haiwell cloud website.mp4

   Session 12: Cloud map & cloud message on Haiwell cloud website.mp4

   Session 13: Remote downloading of HMI project.mp4

   Session 14: Application of historical records.mp4

   Session 15: Introduction to cloud programming and cloud engine.mp4

   Session 16: Cloud engine - local downloading of PLC program.mp4

   Session 17: Cloud engine - remote access to PLC.mp4

   Session 18: Configuration of cloud camera.mp4

   Session 19: Access cloud camera by Haiwell cloud.mp4

   Session 20:  Introduction of cloud security & AB key.mp4

   Session 21:  Advantages of AB key & access progress.mp4

   Session 22: Cloud translation.mp4