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“ Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”Haiwell cloud solution in water control

2019-11-12 14:35:41 market

Nowadays, positive progress has been made in the prevention and control of water pollution in various parts of China, and the quality of water environment has continued to improve, but the situation of water pollution prevention and control is still grim. The urbanization construction has developed rapidly. A large amount of domestic sewage is directly dumped into the surrounding river water without treatment. As a result, quite a few rural river systems are black and odorous water bodies, and sludge is accumulated in the riverbed, which seriously affects the quality of water resources and water environment. Some small workshops, farms and other pollution control facilities are simple, the management is extensive, and the direct discharge of sewage is serious. These have become the main sources of pollution in urban and rural rivers.

Recently, in wujin, jiangsu province, the in-situ water purification equipment invested by dayu water and independently developed by jinchuang environment has been put into use. The “small sewage treatment plant” will be accurately placed at the point to help improve the water quality of the river. The river water in-situ purification equipment adopts MBR membrane treatment process, integrates two functions of physical treatment and biochemical treatment, and the effluent water quality reaches Grade A standard, and the daily treatment capacity is 300 tons. The system can remotely monitor the running status of the equipment through the APP in real time, ensuring continuous and stable operation of the equipment system and preventing out-of-control situations. This is our water treatment tool "Haiwell IOT Cloud HMI". In the era of the Internet of Thing, real-time data interaction has become especially important.


What can Haiwell IOT Cloud HMI do?

● Support remote access control through web pages, mobile APP, iPad and other terminals, real-time abnormal detection alarm push.

● Provides cloud data center functions, no need for users to set up MQTT server, and easily realize remote centralized control of devices through cloud data centers.

● Supports the MQTT protocol. Access to the database server, easy to achieve data collection and reporting, docking ERP / MES and other systems.

● Built-in MQTT server, open MQTT agent function, can easily achieve MQTT ad-hoc network.

● Support edge calculation. Edge computing through scripting engines built into the terminal, function operations, and interaction with device data

● Support for multiple third-party protocols. Built-in a variety of industrial equipment drivers, support the current mainstream PLC, inverter, instrument

● Support cloud transparent transmission. Remote programming, download, firmware upgrade, diagnostics, monitoring and debugging of PLC programs to detect abnormal conditions at any time

● Support multi-screen networking. Innovative network networking method is easy, fast, convenient and practical. Even large projects don't have to worry about networking issues.

● Support multiple terminal size screen custom display, multi-screen interactive management. It is convenient for large-screen monitoring such as monitoring centers.

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