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How to get automatic wartering for your garden? Check it out.

2019-12-17 10:41:35 market

The popularization of automation is an important element of modernization. With the continuous development of automation technology, it greatly improves labor productivity and helps people to liberate from heavy labor.

Automation technology is widely used in industry, agriculture, scientific research, transportation and so on, and more and more infiltrate into people's daily life. For example, some automation enthusiasts have also transformed their homes into smart homes of the leading era.

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For example, this Cui Junjie teacher from Shandong Province has built a complete intelligent irrigation system for his balcony, not to mention that it is made of some ordinary plastic buckets, but it is very convenient to use. (Original video)

No manual intervention is required, the water level of the water storage system is automatically detected, and a sufficient water source is ensured. And the times of watering can not only be set at will, but also the time of watering can be controlled at any time.

More intelligent, even you were out, you can remotely check whether the home plants need to be watered or not, So easy!

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How does he do that? It turns out that Mr. Cui Junjie used the Haiwell PLC, IoT HMI, and Haiwell Cloud APP. 

Haiwell PLC, all instructions list with sample case, programming with full simulation function. So a little bit of programming foundation can be quickly started, programming is simple, a few instructions list can complete the control requirements.

Besides, as for Haiwell IoT HMI, can supports remote monitoring. Mobile phone installed a small Haiwwell cloud APP, can implement remote management and monitoring. No matter in industrial control, agricultural irrigation or smart home, this is a very convenient choice. 

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Mr. Cui's small balcony intelligent irrigation system not only brings a lot of fun to life, but also provides great convenience to life and is loved by family members.

So, is it time to watering your garden? Let's do it.

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