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Age of IIoT on the way, are you ready?

2020-03-23 15:20:18 market

As you can see the corona virus now raging around the world, so the production and distribution of  emergency medical supplies are facing huge challenges.  All kinds of epidemic prevention materials can not achieve the optimal allocation, resulting in a tight situation in short supply. How to quickly and accurately realize the efficient docking of supply information and demand information?


This must speed up the development of industrial Internet of things and promote the deep integration of network information technology and manufacturing industry.

How do enterprises build industrial Internet of things?

To keep up with the development trend of the times, enterprises need to build the industrial network from the bottom, first of all, the most critical, is to make send equipment to the "cloud ".

Such advanced technology, sounds like the cost should be expensive,  However, a small Haiwell cloud IoT HMI can help you easily handle! How did it do that?


First of all, Haiwell cloud IoT HMI no need to add modules, with ethernet, wifi and other interfaces, can be directly connected through ethernet, 2G、3G、4G、WiFi and other ways.

Secondly, Haiwell cloud IoT HMI born with its own cloud function, that is, a Haiwell cloud IoT HMI itself with the following functions: cloud network, cloud access, cloud video, cloud alarm, cloud engine, cloud management, cloud security, cloud translation and cloud map functions.

Besides, the new version of Haiwell HMI have a further upgrade compare last version, high-definition high-speed version, running more smoothly.


How can Haiwell bring HMI convenience?

● Remote access monitoring

Whatever anytime or anywhere, users can remote access to Haiwell cloud HMI through Haiwell APP or Haiwell cloud network station, real-time remote monitoring equipment running state. (Https://cloud.haiwell.com) 

Even in a different location can always know the production situation of the factory, easy to manage. It saves a lot of manpower, material resources and time cost.


● Remote centralized control

When multi-equipment needs to be maintained and managed, one by one management operation, not only time-consuming and laborious, but also may cause human operation security problems. Haiwell cloud HMI multi-equipment support remote centralized management control, not only greatly improve the centralized intelligent monitoring ability of enterprises, but also greatly reduce the operation and maintenance costs of the whole system.


● Remote data interaction

Data interaction is the primary key to break the isolated island of information. Haiwell cloud HMI can help realize the seamless data transmission between different physical locations devices and realize the data sharing interaction flexibly. For a huge production or management system, real-time and effective remote data interaction is the first condition to realize the global optimization of production, scheduling and distribution.


● Remote data collection

Data collection is essential before making effective data analysis decisions. By using Haiwell cloud HMI, we can connect the equipments’ data all over the country and even all over the world, carry on the intensive management utilization, help the enterprise to realize "talking with data, making decision with data, managing with data ".


● Docking ERP/MES database

Haiwell clout IoT HMI can easily connect ERP/MES and other database systems, so that the production management data and enterprises existing ERP/MES and other databases synchronization. Realizing the sharing of resources, easily complete the comprehensive data reports across modules and systems, and further enhance the production management ability of enterprises.


● Real-time Abnormal Alarm Push

When the equipment alarm occurs, Haiwell cloud IoT HMI will send the alarm message in real time through Haiwell APP or Haiwell WeChat, so as make sure abnormal state timely processing. accurate fault location and improve troubleshooting efficiency.


Time to act!

Haiwell cloud IoT HMI built-in a variety of industrial equipment drive, support a variety of third-party protocols, support the market main PLC, inverter, instrumentation etc. Easy for using.

If you have any questions , please feel free to call us for advice. More details are also available for direct reference to Haiwell online video tutorials.

In the age of interconnection of all things, the development trend of global industrial IoT is unstoppable. One step earlier, you will create more value!