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The donation ceremony of Haiwell IIOT laboratory for school-enterprise cooperation

2021-04-16 13:16:55 market

The donation ceremony for school-enterprise cooperation between Haiwell and Minnan normal university was held in April 9th, 2021. The attended members of this donation ceremony are including: Zhong Faliang, deputy secretary of the party committee of Minnan normal university, Zhou Xiaofang, dean of school of physics and information engineering, Chen Zhixiang, vice dean of school, Yang Hong, secretary of the party committee of school, Mr Cai, the general manager of Haiwell, and Mr Wei, the director of sales and alumni of university.  


A Haiwell IIOT laboratory is donated to School of physics and information engineering of Minnan normal university by Hawiell in order to promote the talent cultivation, improve the comprehensive quality, practical quality and employment competitiveness of students. At the same time, the cooperation will accelerate the close integration of technology and education, promote the win-win result between school and enterprises, and achieve the development of the talent cultivation level and social service ability of school.


Mr Cai, General manager of Haiwell, expressed sincere appreciation to school for the long-term attention to the enterprise and hoped to keep the cooperation. In the meanwhile, Mr Cai also anticipate enhancing the cooperation of the diversified and multidimensional talent cultivation, by joint efforts cultivating more applied technology talents with high-quality who can adapt to market requirement. 

Zhong Faliang, deputy secretary of the party committee of Minnan normal university, expressed the depth of gratitude for the generous donation from the enterprise, and affirmed the achievement that School of physics and information engineering and Haiwell made in the early cooperation. In the meantime, Mr Zhong hoped to establish a stable and long-term cooperation mechanism between the school and enterprise, and deepen the cooperation on the principle of complementary advantages, mutual benefits and long-term.


In a long-term Haiwell devote to develop the project of the school-enterprise cooperation, industriously build the school-enterprise platform to realize the sharing of resources, complementary advantages. Not only built the ‘Training base’ in Jimei university, but also the ‘United laboratory’ in southwest university of science and technology. The greet success of the signing ceremony accelerated the development of Haiwell in the path of the school-enterprise cooperation.

Haiwell is expecting to develop the closer strategy partnership with school to achieve the all-win among students, school and enterprises.