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Exclusive media interview - CAI Gongsong: Upholding "Haiwell spirit" unswervably, from IIoT to SmartLink

2023-12-19 14:17:47 haiwell

When we go deep into the future of an industry, just like standing on the tuyere, we can feel the great wave of change and innovation in the industry. With the continuous development of industrial digital intelligence, all major industries are constantly evolving, showing new trends and opportunities.

In the field of industrial automation and IoT, Haiwell Technology has established a unique innovation reputation in the industry with its innovation drive and technical expertise, and with the innovation power of PLC. Although the market competition is fierce, Haiwell always adheres to technological innovation and originality. China Industrial Control Network has had in-depth communication with CAI Gongsong, general manager of Haiwei Technology. CAI, as the father of "Haiwell Spirit", had his first media interview.

Haiwell Industry Automation

In the era of intelligent Internet, the transformation from PLC to IIoT

"Haiwell has always kept a low profile. I think as a Haiwell driven by technological innovation, it is a natural attribute."Mr.CAI said frankly," From making PLC products, to HMI products, and then involving the IoT products, the whole technical route and the pursuit of Haiwei should be worthy of respect in the industry. The SmartLink HMIthe current focus of Haiwell, is a revolutionary industrial automation equipment, and its design and function represent the current advanced technology in the IIoT field. This product cleverly incorporates traditional PLC and modern touch screen technology to form a highly integrated operation and control system.

Haiwell Industry Automation

After in-depth communication with Mr. CAI, we believe that Haiwell SmartLink HMI is not only a traditional HMI innovation, also is not only the traditional touch screen with the IoT function, but was redefined as the next generation of touch screen, both integrates the advantages of Haiwell IoT function, and also the intelligent technology, changed the traditional way of interaction in the downstream enterprise production.

At the same time, through this innovation, the Haiwell SmartLink HMI not only improves the operation efficiency and convenience of the device, but also greatly improves the functionality and flexibility of the system. Its most remarkable feature is the "built-in SmartLink technology", which makes the IoT and intelligent technology no longer rely on the Internet, but also greatly reduces the technical requirements of intelligent equipment and the IoT. So that industrial control practitioners can easily design and implement intelligent equipment. This feature greatly reduces the threshold of equipment innovation, enabling non-professionals to easily design highly innovative industrial equipment, thus improving the competitiveness of equipment using Haiwell products.

In addition, the IoT integration function of SmartLink HMI opens up a new outlet for remote monitoring and management. No matter where the user is, the production process can be monitored and adjusted in real time through the network, which is crucial in modern industrial production. It not only improves the flexibility and response speed of production, but also provides a convenience for equipment maintenance and troubleshooting, thus ensuring the continuity and stability of the production process.

CAI confidently said: " In my opinion, from the technical level, domestic enterprises including Haiwell, the sense of direction and the grasp of the general trend is better than foreign brands. Haiwell is not only in the domestic market, but also in the stage of global industry 4.0, the technological innovation and strategic layout are advanced. Every new product launched by the company has had a significant impact in the industry, especially in the IoT and automation products, and Haiwell has always been the focus of innovation in the industry.”

China Industrial Control Network believes that, compared with most other domestic PLC manufacturers, Haiwell has walked out of its unique innovation route in terms of technology path, product form and market positioning. This route is based on the higher dimension innovation under the current trend of localization, and meets the current industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing to the IoT and intelligent in the product form of the Haiwell SmartLink HMI.

Haiwell Industry Automation

From the current business positioning of Haiwell, the core tone is getting refined in both software and hardware. In addition to the SmartLink HMI as the core hardware, the enterprise platform, Web data visualization and SmartLink technology are Haiwell's innovations at the software level. Among them, the enterprise platform enables users to easily configure and manage industrial control systems in the cloud, realizing higher operational flexibility and scalability. Users can access and manage systems anywhere and at any device without direct contact with physical devices, which greatly improves convenience and efficiency.

With the Web data visualization system, the data collected in various industrial equipment and systems can be transformed into intuitive and easy-to-understand graphics and charts. This visualization processing not only makes the data easier to interpret, but also accelerates the decision-making process and improves the practical value of the data. By integrating data from different sources, the system provides a unified, comprehensive view to help companies better monitor, analyze, and optimize industrial processes.

The Haiwell SmartLink technology, combined with the Haiwell large screen controller, truly makes industrial products immediately connected, greatly meet the needs of all kinds of industrial intelligent scenarios, which is also the biggest competitive advantage of Haiwell different from other industrial IoT products.

Industrial localization needs Haiwell spirit

On the road of exploring industrial localization, Haiwell has shown its unique "Haiwell spirit". This spirit is not only reflected in the company's entrepreneurial philosophy and enterprise development, but also through its strategic positioning and profound insight into the future industrial development. The future strategic direction of Haiwell focuses on continuing to promote technological innovation, especially in the further development of SmartLink HMI, SmartLink large screen controller, data visualization and other systems. CAI also revealed that Haiwell still hopes to maintain the innovative technology concept to improve the efficiency and intelligence level of industrial automation, and strengthen the market competitiveness of products.

Haiwell Industry Automation

From the perspective of the industrial control network, Haiwell recognized the potential of the IIoT at an early stage, and this strategic insight enables the company to flexibly adjust its strategies and seize new technological opportunities. This flexibility and reaction ability for success in rapidly changing technology and market environment is crucial. As early as 2014, Haiwell has recognized the importance of IIoT for the company and even the whole industry, as CAI always said: "We have already joined the IIoT in 2014, and our SmartLink HMI, SCADA software started very early. The strategic insight helped Haiwell to make timely adjustment and and seize new technical opportunities when facing the challenge of domestic PLC.”

It can be seen that Mr.CAI has a clear and profound understanding of the company's vision. He believes that " Haiwell has high innovation value in the industrial intelligence network at present, and will make more innovation contributions to the whole industry and downstream industry in the future."This is not only a perception of corporate value and social responsibility, but also a commitment to national development and industrial localization. Under the guidance of this concept, Haiwell not only focuses on continuous innovation, but also focuses on the vital interests of the industry and customers, which coincides with the core concept of industrial localization.

In terms of strategy, Haiwell has been firmly focused on innovation and originality in the field of IIoT, intelligence and automation. Mr.CAI said: " Haiwell's innovation in domestic HMI is never seen in the industry before. We continue to maintain this innovative thinking to develop our next generation of intelligent IIoT products.”

Haiwell has a clear and positive view on the future development of the IIoT and automation industries, especially on the role of Chinese industry in the global sector."In the era of IIoT, it must also be led by China, and China is an indispensable leader in the Industry 4.0 global system."This view not only reflects Haiwell's understanding of China's importance in the development of global industrial technology, but also reflects his confidence in the independent development of domestic industrial technology.

Through its unique "Haiwell spirit", the company has not only made remarkable achievements in technological innovation and market influence, but also played an important role in promoting the localization of China's industry. Haiwell's story and vision show the company's commitment to the future, and its importance in the global automation and IoT, as a force that cannot be ignored on the road to industrial localization.

Source: China Industrial Control Network