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Splendid! The 2023 Haiwell Cooperation Conferences were successfully concluded.

2023-12-19 17:13:45 haiwell

In December 2023, Haiwell successively held five cooperation conferences on the theme of "Collaboration for a Shared Future: Creating Together with SmartLink", which were grandly held at the Haiwell headquarters. Each conference was a complete success and achieved the desired results.

Haiwell Industry Automation

Check-in site

Haiwell Industry Automation

Communication at the conferences

Mr.CAI Gongsong, general manager of Haiwell, extended his warmest welcome and most sincere thanks to all the partners. At the conference, the product manager demonstrated the new products of Haiwell. The atmosphere on-site is gradually heating up, with enthusiastic responses and positive feedback from the guests.

Haiwell Industry Automation

Release of new products

At the conference, Haiwell released the new A series SmartLink HMI and SmartLink center (large screen controller) TVBOX. In the wonderful introduction, the innovation, breakthrough and SmartLink technology of the new products aroused the great interest of the guests.


Haiwell Industry Automation

Sharing and discussing

During the rest, guests and industry elites from all over the country gathered together to share their market experience and discuss the future development trend of the industry. Meanwhile, the guests communicated and discussed the new products and new technologies of Haiwell. And Haiwell staff at the scene warmly answered questions raised by them.

Haiwell Industry Automation

Full harvest

The conferences were highly praised by the guests. Haiwell holds a clear and positive view on the future development of the IIoT and automation industry, especially for the role of Chinese industry in the global field. Haiwell maintains the innovative technology concept to improve the efficiency and intelligent level of industrial automation, strengthen the product competitiveness in current market.

Haiwell Industry Automation


Haiwell Industry Automation