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Deep Cooperation, Quality Education - Haiwell IIoT Practice Workshop Settled and Unveiled

2024-03-28 13:55:33 haiwell


Haiwell Industry Automation

On March 26th, Haiwell participated in the "Deep Cooperation, Quality Education" 2024 School-Enterprise Cooperation Conference held by Xiamen Institute of Technology. The conference aimed to discuss cooperation topics and promote the integration of education, research, and industry to facilitate the cultivation of high-quality talents.


·Award for Signing Ceremony·

In order to further explore the integrated education model combining academia with industry at  Xiamen Institute of Technology and cultivate and transform more outstanding achievements, this signing ceremony signifies another deepening step for Haiwell in school-enterprise cooperation.

Haiwell Industry AutomationHaiwell Industry AutomationHaiwell Industry AutomationHaiwell Industry AutomationHaiwell Industry Automation02

·Unveiling of Practice Workshop·

The signing ceremony between Haiwell and Xiamen Institute of Technology marks the establishment of a comprehensive and multi-level school-enterprise cooperation mechanism through successful unveiling of the Haiwell IIoT Practice Workshop. This achievement represents new progress and breakthroughs in talent cultivation, technological innovation, as well as integrating academia with industry in the field of intelligent manufacturing.

Haiwell Industry AutomationHaiwell Industry AutomationHaiwell Industry AutomationHaiwell Industry Automation

With continuous technological advancements and market changes, enterprises and universities will explore new mechanisms and models for collaborative innovation. We believe that future school-enterprise cooperation will focus more on result transformation and industrial application to make greater contributions to socio-economic development.

Let us join hands together to create a new era of school-enterprise cooperation while writing a brilliant chapter for future development."