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Haiwell wireless Zigbee Module in wastewater treatment plant

2016-06-22 10:19:42 haiwell

With the rapid development of the modern production technology, thedemand of wastewate treatment plants is increasing. Inrecent years, many medium-and-small sized wastewater plants are established. And how to improvethe automatic level of these plants is the main technical problem. Haiwell ZigbeeModule enables wireless communication for short distance. The features are lowpower consumption, low cost and short delay etc. Here shows the case by using HaiwellPLC, H01ZB module, PC2ZB module and gateway.

Keywords: Haiwell PLC, H01ZB module,PC2ZB Module, Sewage treatment

One: Wastewater Treatment Process technology

Haiwell Industry Automation

Wastewater  Treatment Process Diagram

Two; Networkingdiagram

1Wastewater treatment network diagram

Haiwell Industry Automation

 Network diagram 

2. Hardware configuration

 2.1Haiwell PLC

Haiwell PLC has twobuilt-in communication ports and can be extended to 5 ports. Every port can beused for programming and communication as host device or slave device. Itsupports 1:N / N:1 / N:N different networking methods, can be used with anyHMI/ SCADA and communicate will all third-party which supports Modbus protocolsor free communication protocol..

 2.2 H01ZB module

H01ZB module is awireless communication module for PLC. PLC with this module can use MODR/MODWinstructions to read and write by wireless method. Each PLC can be expanded to 5communication ports by communication modules such as H01ZB and S01RS etc.

2.3PCZZB module

PC2ZB is a wireless communication module used by PC. With this PC2ZBmodule, upper monitor like HaiwellHappy can get wirelessconnectionto read &write the data from the PLCs whichhave HO1ZB expansion. It is easy to use and there is norequirement for Zigbee configuration. You can set up multiple independentcommunication network by using the built-in DIP switch inmodule.

Three:Zigbee Module Networking advantage

1. Haiwell PLC programming softwaresupport 100% built-in simulator, analog input can support engineering valueinput directly without programming the engineering value into the code value ,reducing lot of work and time for programing and on-site debugging.

2. Compared with wired network, Zigbee networkingcan save lot of cost for network contribution and maintenance. When a wirelesscommunication network is created, if you want to add more devices, you don’tneed to add more communication cables, but just to add new devices to thewireless network, it’s very easy for extension.

3. A high automation level for entiresystem, System architecture and running are in good condition. After wastewatertreatment, the water will meet environmental requirements and can be dischargeddirectly, low maintenance cost for follow-up work, it will bring more profit to wastewater treatment plant.