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Haiwell PLC Connect to PC manual

2016-06-22 13:42:13 haiwell

This user guide explains how to connect the haiwell plc withpc via a RS232 port of the PLC.The Desktop or laptop computer should have aserial port of DB9. Or the user have to use the USB to RS232 conversion linefor the PC to enable the connection with the PLC.

Note: Examples and screen shots are provided in thisdocumentation using Haiwellhappy version 2.2.2. The procedures described hereafter matchall versions from 2.2.2, and the operating modes are the same for all versions.

There are only two steps of online procedures forhaiwell plc and the PC with DB9 serial port.

Step 1: PLC programming cable (HW - ACA20) round sideconnected with the PLC, square side DB9 connected to the computer serial port;

Click the “PLC Online” button.

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Step 2: Click “online”button (use the default parameters), the connected plcs will be automaticallyadded to the list, set the paremeter correctly as follows:


Com port: Choose the right one,the software will automatically find out and display all the available COM serialports connected to the PC;

Baud rate: choose communication baud rate, the systemdefault value is 19200;

Data format: the system default value is"N 8 2 RTU";

Startingaddress, ending address: if there is only one plc connected withthe PC,then we can use“find standalone”, if there aremore than one PLC connected to the PC, then the user should input the value in the“startingaddress” and input the value in the“endaddress" .

Timeout: set the PLC connectiontimeout. As to RS232 and RS485 with cableconnection way,usually thecorrespondingdefalult timeouteis 200 ms, while wirelessway of connection online  (e.g., GPRS) should be set as 5000ms based on the fact that wireless communication time delay will be longer.

Standalonelookup: if there is only a single PLC online, choose the "Find standalone" option, if there are more thanone PLC online, you must cancel "findstand-alonesearch", and set the starting address and ending addressaccordingly.

Thenclick “online” after finish setting the parameters.


If online connection isnot successful, it may be caused by the following reasons:

A. Choose the wrong PC port

B. Thecommunications parameters is not the same as thetarget PLC communication parameters

C. The target PLC is without power supply

D. Communication cable connection error or not connect well

E. Use the "USB to RS232 serial port cable" without installing thedriver

Use the USB to RS232 conversionline if the PC only have USB port.(10 small steps)

First the “USB to 232driver”should be installed correctly.

How the plc connect to thelaptop and desktop computer by “USB to RS232 conversion line”?

1. Install “USBto RS232 serial interface conversionc cable”drivercorrectly.

2. Do not insert the “USBto RS232 cable” to the computer's USB port before running thehaiwellhappy.

3. Run Haiwellhappy software, click"online" button and the user will get the following screen:

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4. Press "exit" button to close the window of PLConline 

5. Insertthe “USB to RS232 serial interfaceconversion cable”to the computer's USB port.

6. Reclick the "PLC online" button to open the window of PLC online.

7. Click on the "PC port" drop-down listagain, nowcheck again how many serial ports are connected, and find out the newly added serial port(here is com5)

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8. The new com port shown in the software isthe corresponding “USB to RS232 serial interface conversion cable” , only by thisserial port can the plc connect to the PC.

9. Then click "online"button to be online.

10. Press "exit" button to close the window of PLConline

Other Advice

Besides the plc connection way of RS232,haiwell plc can also use“ 232to 485conversion cable” and “USB to 485cable” with the“485A to A+ of the plc”and 485B to B- of theplc”. Haiwell extension module can also be connected to the haiwellhappydirectly,and it can also be used for downloading programs,monitoring ect, the online connection method is the same.


If ahaiwell PLC hardwarehas been put a communication program inside, then when the PLC is in the runningstatus,it will automatically send data to the communication port ofthe plc, in this case it will be unable to be onlineconnection with thehaiwellhappy at this moment, so in this casethe user need to switch theoperationmood of the PLC to "STOP".