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Haiwell PLC’s Application skill: Recipe Control Function

2015-08-21 09:44:59 haiwell

Haiwell PLC’s recipe control function:

The recipe management control is often needed in the production process. The so-called recipe control is using different control parameters according to the different types or batches of the products. Forexample,assume that  in the production of  product A -- we use XA/YA/ZA to represent the parameter 1/2/3 respectively;ProductB - parameter 1/2/3 corresponds to XB/YB/ZB respectively;ProductC - parameter 1/2/3 corresponds to  XC/YC/ZC respectively. Therefore, we can say that in this production there are three sets of recipes and each set consists of three parameters.

Usually,the recipe function can be realized by the upper computer. But in the absence of the computer, it can only be realized through PLC program.Below are the brief introduction of two ways to realize the recipe control function.

Method 1: Block moving method;

Method 2: Indexed pointer method.

Assume that we need 5 sets of recipes, each recipe has four parameters,.Firstly set up five "initial register values table", put one set of recipe with the corresponding 4 parameters in each table.The diagrams below:

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Recipe Control Function: program of block moving method

Haiwell Industry Automation

Recipe Control Function: program of indexed pointer method

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