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Haiwell IIOT Solution of Smart Breeding

2019-03-18 17:01:53 market

Foreword: With the improvement of people's living standards, people's demand for aquatic products has also changed, from quantitative to quality, which has also promoted the rapid development of aquaculture modern aquaculture.

However,While the rapid development of the aquaculture industry has brought enormous wealth to the society, it has also brought many technical problems that need to be solved. For example, the customer want to observe the water temperature, pH and oxygen content of farmed fish ponds in real time. The traditional approach is that customers need to observe and collected data on site,which often leads to delay of time, failure to obtain effective data, and sometimes economic losses.Now, the customer puts forward higher requirements, and hopes to view all kinds of data of the farm in real time through the IOT and mobile phones, timely response. Exploring the industrialization model is a positive solution. It is this exploration of aquaculture that has entered a new era of industrialization and informationization from the era of “scientific fish farming”.

Keywords: Haiwell PLC HMI Cloud Mobile APP Aquaculture Remote Control


Fig.1 Factory farming site

1.Control requirements

The most important thing in aquaculture is to ensure that the aquatic environment, such as water temperature, pH, water pressure, etc.which will have a great impact on water production. The detection of dissolved oxygen is not timely, and the lack of timely temperature monitoring is a factor that leads to low yield. Currently, a new generation of information represented by the Internet of Things technology has been widely concerned and applied in different fields. The application of the IOT in aquaculture has also made aquaculture more convenient and efficient.

2.Main hardware configuration

PLC selection: S20M0R

The controller selects the Haiwell S20M0R , 24V DC power supply, 8 DI, 6 DO relay output; 4 AI, 2 AO; comes with two communication ports (RS232+RS485), which can be extended to 5 communication Port; Maximum expandable 7 modules

The temperature and pressure of the cultured fish ponds need the analog acquisition. The valve control needs to be controlled by the switch quantity. The S20M0R has  switching quantity and analog quantity, which Can fully satisfy the conditions.

HMI selection: C7 touch screen

The HMI selects the Haiwell C7, the HMI has 800MHZ microprocessor CPU, 4GB Flash+ 512M DDR3. It has a unique A/B Key security mechanism,support cloud/mobile access control,strong operability. Standard network port, 2 serial ports (232/422/485), 2 USB ports, SD card.

In the case of networking, the C7 touch screen can remotely check the water temperature,PH, pressure and other parameters of the fishpond through the phone or computer, which is convenient for monitoring and greatly saves time.


Fig.2 Control cabinet 


Fig.3 Mobile phone view touch screen


Fig.4 Computer web page to view touch screen

3. Part of the program

Haiwell PLC communication program is simple. No matter what communication protocol you use, you only need one communication command to complete the complex communication function.There is no need to worry about communication port conflict, transmission and reception control, communication interruption processing and so on. In this example, the baud rate of the inverter is 9600, and the data format is

E, 7, 1. The following is an example program for reading the inverter frequency communication.



Haiwell is committed to industry 4.0, Haiwell HMI integration Haiwell Cloud service and has built-in Haiwell cloud engine, support PC,iPad,Android,iOS  multi-platform terminal.Which can remotely access the machines and equipment on the site in any place by your mobile phone or computer,and realize remote monitoring and maintenance of HMI, PLC, and through HMI to achieve remote download program to Haiwell PLC. If the water temperature is abnormal,it can also pass Email, mobile APP and SMS send alarm information in timely ,so that accurate data can be collected in a more timely manner and water temperature and PH can be controlled intelligently. . The development of automation is inseparable from the constant innovation of technology. Haiwell Technology will continue to innovate and develop, and provide better products and services for social production and life!