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Haiwell automatic hanging cloth machine solution

2021-06-11 10:03:39 market

Author: Project dept.

The dyeing fabric from the textile mill, the heat and the residual chemicals of freshly processed fabrics pose a threat to safety of on-site operators. In the other hand, manual hanging cloth can’t keep up with a speed of the processing cloth. Hence, this is a trend which adding a hanging cloth machine at the cloth outlet. The automatic hanging cloth machine uses the remote accessing technology of Haiwell HMI to enable the on-site operators know the state of the equipment when they are far away from the equipment. It can effectively reduce the harm of the residual chemicals to person. In the meanwhile, use Haiwell PLC to control equipment, reduce labor costs, improve the efficiency of the equipment output.

1. The structural analysis of the automatic hanging cloth machine

The automatic hanging cloth machine can be divided four parts from the structure: The capturing speed, the main hanging cloth machine, frequency controller and reducer.

The capturing speed is a incremental rotary coding wheel located in the spindle or drive shaft.

The main hanging cloth machine adjusts the range of swinging according to actual height of discharging cloth.

The frequency controller and reducer are used to control the final output speed of the motor, so as to control the swinging frequency of the main hanging cloth machine.

In addition, it’s necessary that using HMI to achieve the following control requirements:

Monitor: The actual speed of the discharging cloth and the length of the discharged cloth can be monitored on HMI. 

Setting: The initial of discharging cloth, synchronization scale factor, increasing length.

Haiwell automatic hanging cloth machine control the output frequency of the converter to drive the motor through the speed of discharging cloth, so as to automatically adjust the range and frequency of the hanging cloth according to the speed of discharging. Replacing the laborious and complex manual operation.

Selection and configuration: Haiwell IOT Cloud HMI C7S-G, Haiwell PLC AC10S0R

2. The control program analysis of the automatic hanging cloth machine

AC series PLC has been selected for cost reason. The speed of discharging cloth is calculated by the method of frequency in the interrupt program. The plan of lowest cost is provided for users when the requirements is realized. 

After getting the actual speed of the discharging cloth, two limit point on the turning disk by the reducer control the hanging machine to stop swinging. At the same time, the length of discharging will be added. When the added value is equal to the setting, the electrical motor will be started. 

The motor driven the reducer to control the hanging machine. Hence, it’s necessary to debug the ratio of the comparison frequency. According to the actual, adjust the synchronization parameter which setting before.

3. Remotely monitor and control the automatic hanging cloth machine 

Due to the hanging machine in the high temperature and ambient noise environment, select the Haiwell IoT Cloud HMI-C7S-G, which support 4G Internet access. By the HMI can remotely monitor and download the HMI program and PLC program, it’s convenient to remotely debug and monitor the the actual length of discharging cloth.


Remotely monitor the automatic hanging cloth machine


The photos of the hanging machine

Application video

4. Advantages of the solution

* Before the transformation, at least several people take turns to hanging cloth with the great work intensity. After the transformation, only one person remotely monitor.

Before the transformation, the frequency of hanging is constant and disable to be precisely controlled. Due to the artificial setting, it’s easy to cause the difference in the range of the manipulation and the actual hanging effect to be extremely poor. After the transformation, through the real-time frequency detection to achieve the real-time response and adaption, the effect of human-machine is better.

After the transformation, it support to monitor remotely via mobile phone and computer. People can be far away from the operating environment, better protection for personal safety of operators.