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Haiwell IIOT Solution for oil and gas recovery

2022-03-09 16:52:39 haiwell

Emission peak and carbon neutrality is a solemn commitment that China has made to the international community. It is also an important way to achieve high-quality development and satisfied people's requirements for a better life. In this process, oil and gas, as a traditional fossil energy, have been a major carbon emitter. The oil and gas industry will play a leading role in reducing emissions. The 14th five-year plan of China is the critical period for emission peak and carbon neutrality. In order to build a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system, the transformation of traditional oil stations is imperative.

Through oil and gas recovery, it will reduce the carbon dioxide effectively which produced in the process of gasoline volatilization and reduce the carbon emission of oil station. Oil and gas recovery is a new technology of energy saving and environmental protection.

In the process of oil storage and transportation, oil and gas recovery technology will store oil and gas. It prevents air pollution caused by volatilization of oil and gas, and eliminate potential safety hazards. Through the oil and gas recovery, energy is saving and benefits will be obtained. Haiwell help the oil and gas industry to achieve the goal of emission peak and carbon neutrality.

1、Network diagram

In the oil and gas processing device, HMI send data to the virtual gateway by using TCP/IP and HTTP protocols. It reports data to the oil and gas recovery online data management system regularly.

Haiwell Industry Automation

Figure 1 Network diagram

2、The advantages of Haiwell solution

Haiwell Cloud HMI supports free communication protocol, HTTP protocol and local database. Relying on the Haiwell cloud platform, the data of oil and gas stations, including temperature, valve pressure, concentration, flow rate and etc, can be collected and uploaded. Haiwell solution helps to achieve remote monitoring.

The advantages of Haiwell cloud HMI include:

1. There are flow charts, installation diagrams and schematic diagrams on the screen. HMI will show temperature, valve pressure, concentration and flow rate in real time. Users can control the entire system manually or automatically, change the parameters, and check alarm messages.

2. Users can monitor and control the whole system by computer.

3. Users can monitor and control the whole system by computer and mobile phone remotely.

4. Alarm messages will be sent to the specified mobile phone.


Figure 2 Display on Haiwell cloud APP


Figure 3 Display on Haiwell cloud APP


Figure 4 Display on Haiwell cloud APP


1. Support downloading project by U disk /SD card/Ethernet/Haiwell cloud;

2. Support 4G networking;

3. Intelligent management, support remote access on PC and APP;

4. Integrated with Haiwell Cloud service and built-in Haiwell Cloud engine, which support remote access, SMS alarm and map location.

5. support MQTT protocol, free protocol, local database, HTTP protocol.