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Haiwell HMI PLC TVBOX CBOX Oil Field Data Collection Industry Application Solution

2024-06-25 11:28:12 haiwell

Author: Haiwell Technical Support Department


With the continuous advancement of technology, our country's industrialization level has reached a new level. As an essential component of industrial energy, oil faces challenges with traditional petroleum electrical automation technology, such as poor real-time data collection performance, scattered storage, and insufficient data sharing capabilities. This inadequacy prevents enterprises from meeting the needs of real-time data collection, centralized data management, and rapid data retrieval. This article will introduce the application of the Haiwell SmartLink Monitoring System in the oil collection industry.

海为工业自动化 工业物联网

Engineering Site View

Section 1. Control Requirements

The most critical aspect of oil collection is safe production. Key indicators during safe production include the operational status, temperature, pressure, and combustible gas content of storage tanks, as well as the operational status, balance status, and self-check status of oil pumps, drilling rigs, and workover rigs. Real-time collection of these data indicators can be achieved using Haiwell PLC.

The Haiwell HMI and Haiwell SmartLink Cloud Box CBOX, which supports APN cards, can transmit and store the collected data. Historical data can be viewed through report elements and graphs to achieve data transmission, storage, and retrieval. Local video monitoring of the equipment can be done via the Haiwell D series SmartLink touch screen, while remote data monitoring can be conducted through the Haiwell cloud platform, mobile apps, and WeChat mini-programs.

Finally, Haiwell SmartLink central (TVBOX4) displays real-time data and equipment alarm information on a large screen, creating an intelligent centralized control center. The topology of the Haiwell SmartLink monitoring system for oil collection is shown below.

海为工业自动化 工业物联网

Haiwell Smart-Link Monitoring System Topology Diagram for Oil Collection

Section 2. Product Selection and Configuration

1.Haiwell B7H SmartLink HMID7 SmartLink HMI

Supports cloud and mobile access control without secondary configuration, allowing multiple synchronous or asynchronous monitoring with strong operability.

Enables remote downloading of HMI and PLC programs via mobile apps and cloud websites.

Supports applications such as text-to-speech conversion, full-scene voice intercom, audio file playback, camera monitoring, RFID/NFC recognition, etc.

Supports MQTT, OPC UA, HTTP, TCP, and other open interfaces for easy data collection and reporting, integrating with third-party applications like ERP/MES.

2.Haiwell SmartLink SmartLinkGateway CBOX(Used for APN Card Data Collection)

Supports APN card data collection, easily distinguishing network connections.

Breaks traditional web configuration solutions with the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) approach, with no need for secondary configuration.Supports multiple simultaneous asynchronous or synchronous monitoring and multi-terminal access control with strong operability.

Allows downloading of HMI configuration projects; access engineering screens directly via mobile phones by scanning QR codes.

Enables remote downloading of HMI and PLC programs via mobile apps, and computer cloud websites.

3.Haiwell SmartLink TVBOX

Acts as the SmartLink center using TVBOX, aggregating Haiwell SmartLink HMI, gateway, PLC, cloud platform, data visualization, mobile phones, tablets, computers, TVs, cameras, and third-party ERP/MES systems to create an intelligent centralized control center.

•acilitates synchronized interaction between smartphones, tablets, and large screens without a mouse, keyboard, or remote control for screen control.

No configuration required; displays real-time production data, equipment status, and video surveillance on large screens.

•Displays local and cloud device alarm information, enabling real-time monitoring of equipment alarms to ensure safe and stable operation.

4.Haiwell PLC T Series PLC

Operates on 24V DC power, includes 16 digital inputs and 16 relay outputs, and supports 2 channels of high-speed pulse input.

•Expandable up to 5 communication ports and a maximum of 7 modules for versatile industrial applications.

Section 3. Real-TimeMonitoring Screens

海为工业自动化 工业物联网

Haiwell Touch Screen Setting Scene for Tank Operation Parameters

海为工业自动化 工业物联网

Haiwell Cloud Platform Pumping Unit Operation Status Screen

海为工业自动化 工业物联网

Haiwell App Workover Rig Operational Status Screen

Section 4. User Project Design Sharing

海为工业自动化 工业物联网

Main Screen of Oil and Gas Recovery System Monitoring System

海为工业自动化 工业物联网

Screen for Setting Operational Parameters in Oil and Gas Recovery System Monitoring System

海为工业自动化 工业物联网

Manual Debugging Screen of Oil and Gas Recovery System Monitoring System

Section 5. Partial Program

Haiwell PLC communication programs are straightforward, requiring only one communication command for various communication protocols. The baud rate for this article is 9600, with a data format of N,8,1. Below is an example program for Modbus to read.

海为工业自动化 工业物联网

Section 6. Summary

1. Haiwell SmartLink terminals support the Haiwell Cloud platform, allowing strong operability with synchronous or asynchronous access control from multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers.

2. Haiwell Cloud services ensure secure and reliable remote access, making operations more convenient.

3. Haiwell SmartLink terminals can facilitate simple, accurate, and fast data exchange among multiple devices through the Haiwell SmartLink central (TVBOX), enabling practical centralized control.

4.  Supports various open interfaces and integration with database servers, making data collection and reporting easy, and seamlessly integrating with ERP/MES third-party applications.

5. Haiwell SmartLink Cloud Box supports APN card data collection, easily identifying corresponding networks, making data transmission more secure and reliable.

6. Haiwell Cloud alarm functionality simplifies equipment monitoring, making production safer and more efficient.