Haiwell wireless Zigbee Module in wastewater treatment plant

With the rapid development of the modern production technology, thedemand of wastewate treatment plants is increasing. Inrecent years, many medium-and-small sized wastewater plants

Haiwell wireless Zigbee Module in parking lot control system

With the rapid development of China's economy, the family vehicle and social vehicles are growing rapidly, parking lot construction has become an indispensable part. And only if a parking...

Haiwell PLC’s Application Skill: Long-time Timing Reminder

1. Introduction:In many engineering applications, people always hope that the system can have the time reminder function, no need for man to timing. Nowadays many PLCs already has this function.But th

Haiwell PLC’s Application skill: Recipe Control Function

Haiwell PLC’s recipe control function:The recipe management control is often needed in the production process. The so-called recipe control is using different control parameters according to the diffe

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