Haiwell PLC HMI four-head filling machine-wiggling cover machine solution

Widely used in daily chemical, oil and other industries, can be used for filling with different high viscosity fluids.

Haiwell IoT Management System Solution for Vegetable Production based on Cloud Data Center

Multi-point centralized control has become a necessary part of production management

Haiwell application in surgical mask machine production line

With an virus in China now, masks are in short supply. Haiwell and distributor users are committed to industry solutions and share mask application solutions.

Haiwell Application in coal mining industry at ZA

By using Haiwell PLC in the CPP application, achieve a low cost PLC with fast processing power and large remote I/O function with strong communication platform exceeding 600 I/O points with ease.

Haiwell IIOT Solution for unattended smart car washing machine

Haiwell IoT terminal support mobile payment function, can access Alipay and WeChat payment system. It is easy to usein various charging systems.

Haiwell IIOT Solution of Intelligent Toilet

Haiwell Cloud intelligent toilets combined with the IOT network transmission and remote control technology.

Haiwell application in UV coating production line bus Control

In this scheme, there are 15 sets of single machine equipment, including 2 dust removers...

Haiwell IIOT Solution of Smart Breeding

Haiwell PLC/HMI/Cloud/Mobile APP Application in Modern Aquaculture

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