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2022-05-06 10:39:47

Haiwell Industry Automation

✪Haiwell XBOX IOT Cloud Box Catalog

XBOX = IoT Gateway + RTU + HMI (Built-in IO points, use Mobile as operation screen)

Built-in 8 digital points. User can customize DI/DO. Design for flexible application is more and cost-effective.
Built-in Web API function, can control and obtain the device data through HTTP protocol.
Support configuration screen integration. Device screen can be integrated into various personalized scenes.
Support access to third-party IoT platforms such as Alibaba Cloud, Amazon, Google, etc.
Integrated HMI+RTU+IoT Gateway functions all in one. Supports accessing through mobile APP/PC etc.
Management by Haiwell Cloud SCADA. Built-in Haiwell Cloud engine, integrated Haiwell Cloud service
Support base station positioning, IP positioning, device map viewing. Real-time device status can be viewed through mobile APP or large monitor screen.

Model List

ModelStorageI/O portLANCOMWIFIWireless
XBOX2G+256M8 DI11Yes



XBOX-G2G+256M8 DI11YesChina 4G
XBOX-E2G+256M8 DI11YesGlobal 4G
XBOX Pro2G+256M8 DI/DO, user-defined11Yes
XBOX-G Pro2G+256M8 DI/DO, user-defined11YesChina 4G
XBOX-E Pro2G+256M8 DI/DO, user-defined11YesGlobal 4G

✪Haiwell IIOT Cloud Box XBOX User Manual                ✪Haiwell XBOX IOT Cloud Box Catalog

More than having serial port / Ethernet communication, and HMI+PLC mode, the XBOX comes with configurable IO points, realize real-time data collection and transmission. XBOX can connect to Haiwell IoT Cloud platform through WiFi/Ethernet/4G multiple ways to push data to the Cloud server, and realize remote configuration, diagnosis and management through the platform.

By Haiwell APP and WeChat applet, you can remotely monitor it, view historical data, and receive alarm information. XBOX supports data query by connecting to the customer's self-developed platform through the API interface. Support connect to MQTT server to realize data transmission and storage.

Haiwell XBOX IoT Cloud Box

● Built-in 8 digital points. User can customize DI/DO. Design for flexible application is more and cost-effective.
● A non-screen Haiwell IoT Cloud HMI with IO point, integrated HMI and PLC functions
● Built-in Haiwell Cloud engine, integrated Haiwell Cloud service, support Cloud and mobile accessing control
● can directly monitor the display screen through mobile or PC side instead of the HMI screen. More flexible and convenient.
● Support A/B Key security mechanism, multi-unit network, database, multi-screen interaction, Cloud camera remote monitoring and other functions
● Directly use Haiwell Cloud SCADA software for programming and management
● Implement remote real-time viewing and monitoring equipment by Haiwell Cloud through Ethernet/WIFI/4G,
● Supports the MQTT protocol, supports access to database server, easily implements data collection and reporting, and connects to ERP/MES systems.
● Support for edge calculation. Edge computing through scripting engines which built into the terminal, function operations, and interaction with device data
● Support for multiple third-party protocols. Built-in a variety of industrial equipment drivers, support the current mainstream PLC, inverter, instrument
● Support Cloud transparent transmission. Remote programming, upload&download, firmware upgrade, diagnostics, monitoring and debugging of PLC programs to detect abnormal conditions at any time

Haiwell IoT Cloud Box XBOX