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Industrial IoT Cloud Box

2020-05-22 14:22:07 Xiamen Haiwell Technology Co., Ltd. Read

Use mobile as a screen in WLAN

In a networkless environment, mobile phones / iPads / computers, etc. can directly access the Cloud Box through the WiFi hotspot in Cloud Box, to achieve local networkless operation.

Haiwell Industry Automation

Haiwell Cloud Data Center

Haiwell provides Cloud data center functions, eliminating the need for users to build MQTT servers, and easily realize centralized control of remote devices.


Built-in MQTT server

Built-in MQTT server, can enable the MQTT proxy function and easily implement MQTT networking.


Innovative Security Mechanism

For remote operation, it can also be set that authorization confirmation must be performed on the device itself to ensure the safety of the device site.


Hard Shell Self Protection

Small size, no space, hard shell, no needs for additional cabinet protection. Can be installed inside or outside the cabinet, saving engineering costs.


Adapt to various harsh environments

Even if it is used in a harsh outdoor environment, the casing will not break, and there is no need to worry about hardware damage caused by sun exposure. Widely used in various indoor and outdoor occasions.


Low cost helps enterprises achieve industrial control Informatization, intelligence and visualization.