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Haiwell 2019 China distributor conference and new product release conference successfully completed

In the future, we will cooperate more closely, pool our strength, continue to innovate, and create a win-win situation!

Haiwell strives to provide users with a more complete industrial Internet of Things solution

Haiwell continues to enrich and improve the overall industrial Internet of Things solution. It is believed that it will not only bring more market and benefits to partners, but also bring good application experience and real convenience to end users.

Haiwell won the CAIMRS-2018 Intelligent manufacturing Demo Award

The "Haiwell PLC HMI remote unattended pumping station system" won the CAIMRS-2018 Intelligent manufacturing Demo Award.

Peer together to create a win-win situation----2018 Haiwell foreign dealers conference

From 15th-19th, January-2018, the second Haiwell foreign dealers conference about technical training exchange was held at Haiwell company. Distribution representatives from all over the world gathered

Haiwell provides a more comfortable environment for you

Nowadays, the level of industrial automation has become an important symbol to measure the level of modernization. Automation has gradually permeate into production and daily life, such as elevators a

Haiwell succeeds in helping Pakistani power projects

Pakistan has a long-term, all-weather and multi-sided development friendly relationship with China. Chinese call Pakistan “Ba Tie”, which means Pakistan is a strong and good partner of China. Since th

Distant Brazil Partner with Haiwell

The world is big, however, the Brazil customer met Haiwell across 18801 kilometers by passing half of the earth, after in-depth understanding Haiwell, he has fallen in love with our strong technical s

Thanks for attending Haiwell ODM 2017!

Dear all,Thank you all for coming and making the first Haiwell Overseas Distributors Meeting & Technical Traininig a success!The attendees came from 14 different countries (Ukraine, Spain, Argenti

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