The modules of H04DT and H32DT both have three indicators, POW indicator, AI indicator and LINK indicator, what functions do they have?

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POW indicator: Power indicator, green. Always on---Normal power ; Not on---Abnormal power.

AI indicator: Analog input indicator, red. Always on---sensor is connected correctly, Not on----Sensor is not connected or connection is not correct.

LINK light: Communication indicator.

LINK indicator statusIndicationReference processing method
information classification

Always offHost PLC can not identify the module and no communication
GreenAlways on
Host PLC has indentified the module and no communication
Fast jitter Communication of serial port and parallel port
RedOn-Off flashingNo parallel / serial port communicationIncomplete firmware
Dark alternates with jitterparallel / serial port communication
Note: Jitter: The indicator is on for 30ms, off for 30ms ; 
Flash: The indicator is on for 0.5s, off for 0.5s ; 
Alternate: The indicator is off for 0.5s , jitter for 0.5s
AI indicator statusIndicationReference processing method
information classification
RedAlways offNo sensorNormal
FlashingSensor access exceptionCheck sensor
Always onSensor access normallyNormal