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Distant Brazil Partner with Haiwell

2017-07-20 14:52:03 market

The world is big, however, the Brazil customer met Haiwell across 18801 kilometers by passing half of the earth, after in-depth understanding Haiwell, he has fallen in love with our strong technical strength and humanized design of products, and carefully made the Brazilian version of Haiwell PLC introduction. Let's feel the enthusiasm of our customer in Brazil by the following Video。


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If the enterprise wants to develop, it must have the core competitiveness, PLC is the core competitiveness of Haiwell, PLC is the future development trend, in the future, PLC will be towards the realization of industrial intelligence and large data channel direction, industrial 4.0 is the wisdom of industry; Internet of Things,that is, things linked with things; Cloud manufacturing, that is, as long as users submit requirements, they can get the required products, the key is traceable. PLC is the core component of equipment automation, is the one of core products in electrification industry age and information industry age,based on the function of PLC, Haiwell has continuous innovation in the field of PLC, showing a more professional level, making it better, doing high standard PLC.


Brazil is known as “one of the most farthest countries from China, because of Haiwell, distance is not a problem.”