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Haiwell image has been fully upgraded

2022-03-09 14:25:50 haiwell

Haiwell Technology is fully updated!

------ New Technical Support ------

Haiwell Industry Automation

In order to provide our customers with better technical support and services, Haiwell has opened an exclusive technical service hotline. There is no need to transfer, and the number 1 goes directly to professional technician. Provide customers with more timely and accurate technical services.

Welcome to call +86-592-3278716, Haiwell technical support, 24 hours online, all year round!

------ New Website ------

海为工业自动化 工业物联网

Haiwell new website has been fully upgraded and launched. The new website adopts a brand-new visual style to provide you with a more friendly browsing experience.

The new website adjusts and optimizes the important sections. Consider user needs, we also improves and enriches multiple functions of technical support.  By a fully renovated, the new website presenting in a new struture with a new browsing experience , comprehensive product information display, and all-round services.

Welcome to visit www.haiwell.com for a quick glimpse.

In addition, the Chinese website page has added an online consultation platform for enterprise WeChat customer service, making consultation more convenient.

海为工业自动化 工业物联网

Scan the QR code through WeChat by your mobile, no need to add friends, anytime, anywhere, easy to chat whenever you want.

Further more, Haiwell WeChat technology online service time is extended to 9:00 pm (UTC/GMT +8), to provide customers with better technical service.

Haiwell Industry Automation

If you meet any technical problem with the engineering site equipment, just quickly scan by WeChat, easily share video & pictures, we will help you to solve the problem quickly.

------ New Office ------

Xiamen Haiwell Technology Co., Ltd. headquartered is located in Phase III, Software Park, Jimei District, Xiamen. It has two floors and divided into several functional areas such as office area, reception area, conference room, business negotiation room, training area, exhibition hall, fitness and leisure area, etc.

海为工业自动化 工业物联网


海为工业自动化 工业物联网

(Meeting room)

海为工业自动化 工业物联网

(Recreation area)

海为工业自动化 工业物联网


The entire headquarters is operated by Haiwell system, including the control of gates, lights, air conditioners, curtains, etc., which can be controlled by local manual operation or mobile remote control. Convenient and environmental friendly.

海为工业自动化 工业物联网

(Mobile control terminal)

The new headquarters not only witnesses our development achievements, but also marks the overall improvement of Haiwell's image. It provide new impetus for our sustainable development, and has stepped to a new level for better customer service.

------ New Journey------

As a supplier of industrial automation products and IIoT solutions, Haiwell adheres to customer-centricity while constantly striving to improve its software and hardware level. Always adhere to the service concept of "people-oriented, customer first", focus on product quality and service, provide customers with better product services and solutions.

Haiwell will unite together, grow together with employees and partners, create brilliance together. Build a new journey of dreams and move forward with concentrating efforts!

Haiwell Industry Automation

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welcome to visit us!