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Haiwell was selected“S, R, S, N”List of SMEs

2022-07-01 13:45:20 haiwell

Recently, Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology announced the list of "Specialization, refinement, characteristics, novelty" SMEs in Xiamen in 2022, and Xiamen Haiwell Technology Co., Ltd. Fruitful achievements in the application of the Internet of Things and the automation industry.

Haiwell won this honor this time, once again verifying that the company's technological innovation, products and services have been recognized and affirmed by government departments and industry users, which is also an effective proof of the strong strength of Haiwell's brand.

Haiwell Industry Automation

S, R, S, N”It refers to SMEs with specialization, refinement, characteristics and novelty,Its main business and development focus are in line with national industrial policies and related requirements, and at the same time, it has the characteristics of strong innovation ability, fast development speed, high operation quality, strong financing ability, and good economic benefits.

As a national high-tech enterprise specializing in product development and sales in the fields of advanced manufacturing, automation and industrial Internet of Things. Since its establishment, Haiwell has always adhered to the enterprise spirit of "inclusiveness and integrity", with the vision of "becoming a trustworthy brand supplier of industrial IoT software and hardware products", guided by market demand, going deep into the industry, and serving users Provide more convenient industrial IoT solutions and make the Internet of Everything easier!

The recognition of "S, R, S, N" enterprises this time is an affirmation of the company's technological innovation and independent research and development capabilities, which is conducive to improving the company's core competitiveness and influence in the industry, and has a positive impact on the company's overall business development. At the same time, it also marks that Haiwell has been recognized by government departments in terms of technological innovation, marketing, business operation, development quality, etc. In the future, Haiwell will adhere to the development path of "specialization, excellence and innovation", continuously enhance its independent innovation capability and core competitiveness, enhance its brand influence, and join hands with more partners to lead the continuous upgrading of the industry.