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Haiwell will appear at the 2023 China International Industry Fair.

2023-09-11 13:48:20 haiwell

Haiwell Industry Automation

Exhibition information

Haiwell booth:5.1H-C012

Exhibition time:September 19-23,2023

Exhibition venue:National Convention and Exhibition Center  (Shanghai)


Exhibition highlights

01 Haiwell Large-screen Controller TVBOX


Haiwell TVBOX is a large screen contorller which provides centralized management of Haiwell HMI/BOX/SCADA/IoT PLC/surveilance camera and beautiful data visualization for large screen to show the key informations including device, project, alarm, video and surveillance. TVBOX also provides welcome screen function and helps to enhance the corporate image .

TVBOX is controlled by mobile phone instead of TV remote. Compared with traditional large screen solution, it is easier to use. TVBOX supports remote visit and A/B Key security mechanism. Device members can remotely visit and control TVBOX through cloud platform, APP and WeChat mini program.

02 Haiwell A8 IoT PLC


A8 series IoT PLC is a small size, compact Internet of things PLC, as a high cost performance product launched by Haiwell. A8 integrated PLC, HMI, IoT gateway, multi-functional RTU, data transmission DTU functions as one, without any external IoT module. PLC, BOX integration design, small volume, increasing space utilization, greatly simplifying the site wiring construction and reducing the cost of operation and maintenance. One device easily realizes the remote operation and maintenance of PLC, data acquisition, edge calculation and analysis ,so that the engineer saves time, effort and worry.

03 Haiwell D Series IoT Cloud HMI

D系列 英文.jpg

HD screen. Built-in quad-core high-performance  processor,smoother operation, faster speed, stronger stability.

The real color and exquisite with IPS hard screen technology. Integrateddesign, full-view visual experience, immersive enjoyment.

Provide exclusive maintain identity for equipment manufacturers, as well as exclusive enterprise platforms. More convenient for equipment vendors.

Supports remote programming, download, diagnostics, monitoring and debugging of PLC programs.

Supported voice function,access microphone and loudspeaker via USB,Supported text-to-speech、voice broadcasting、intercom function、innovative device cloud voice.

04 Haiwell Industrial IoT Solution---Smart Factory


The remote monitoring of mobile APP and Cloud website can be easily realized through Haiwell Cloud platform, and PLC, HMI, BOX and IoT PLC projects can be upload and download remotely. The device supports the Cloud alarm function, which can receive the alarm push notification at the first time of the mobile APP or website if the field device has an alarm message,support Cloud map, device location distribution can be viewed directly.

Reduce equipment operation and maintenance costs, improve production skills.

Eliminate information silos, improve factory automation and informationization.

Real-time information collection and interactive tracking to achieve full transparency management.

Reduce equipment operation and maintenance costs, improvepReduce equipment operation and maintenance costs, improve production skills.

05 Haiwell Industrial IoT Solution---Intelligent Agriculture


It is displayed to the user in an intuitive chart and curve through PC, mobile phone and computer, and provides various sound and light alarm information and automatic control according to the needs of planting crops to achieve precise control of the production process.

Real-time wireless acquisition and transmission of environmental parameters such as air temperature and humidity, soil temperature and humidity, soil pH, photosynthetically active radiation, and CO2 concentration in greenhouses through Haiwell PLC.

The data of each smart agricultural monitoring point is transmitted to the MQTT server through the MQTT function of Haiwell IoCloud HMI. The database extracts data from the MQTT server, and the Agriculture Bureau and other departments can centrally accumulate crop growth and environmental conditions in real time.

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