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A8 SmartLink PLC

2024-01-25 09:37:21


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Haiwell A8 SmartLink PLC

Support the full function of PLC and gateway.

Download HMI program in gateway and use mobile phone as a monitor.

Enable simple connection between gateway, HMI, mobile phone, tablet, computer, TV and camera in local area network.

Enable simple connection between gateway, HMI, mobile phone, tablet,computer, TV and camera over the Internet.

Allow remote access for multiple concurrent users without SCADA in the cloud or VNC connection.

Provide data transmission and data storage in any public or private server.

Integrate data with ERP, MES or other applications by MQTT, OPC UA, HTTP, TCP and etc.

Embed the diaplay of HMI in other applications like software, APP and etc.

Use mobile phone as a scanner to scan barcode and enter infomation in HMI.

Apply to data visualization or centralized control on large screen by TVBOX.

Haiwell A8 SmartLink PLC List

ModelStorageMax Exp.I/OLANCOMWIFIWirelessDimension W×H×D(mm)
A84G + 512M158DI11+3Yes

Haiwell Industry Automation


A8-G4G + 512M158DI11+3YesChina 4G
A8-E4G + 512M158DI11+3YesGlobal 4G

Haiwell Industry Automation