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Haiwell used in hot spring bath center

2019-03-18 14:55:03 market

Bath room center is a popular urban leisure method and it is place where offers the bath service.  It is a combination of leisure functions such as business, bathing, buffer, guest room, chess, entertainment, fitness, SPA, etc. At present, it has higher level in hardware facilities, decoration grades and service.The above various leisure service functions are inseparable from industrial automation application. For example, in the case of a bath room, it is well used in the function of Haiwell muiti-HMI networking .

1.Control requirements 

There is a number of bathing rooms in a bathing center. Each bathing room must be equipped with two touch screens. One is installed on the wall and one is installed closed to the bath for easy operation. It also requires to operate and monitor the parameters and screens on mobile phones, tablets and computers, and the PLC is responsible for the on-site logic control.


Picture 1 Touch screen wall embedded diagram

2.Hardware configuration 

C7 HMI:7 inches TFT screen, 800*480 resolution, A8 CPU, 4G Flash, 512M RAM. Support:

* Serial port/U dish/SD  card/Ethernet/Haiwell Cloud etc.ways program download. 

* Intelligent management, support cloud terminal / mobile terminal access control, easy operation;

* Creative multi-langrage automation translation, project overview interface;

* Integrated Haiwell cloud service, built-in Haiwell cloud engine;

* Multi-screen networking. Innovation networking mode, easy, fast, convenient and parctical. 

Bath centre has a lot of rooms and there are multi-screen on per room. In order to achieve control for those screens, through Haiwell multi-screen netwokring function which can well solve this problem. 

2.Haiwll PLC T seriels sandard PLC can be expanded with 7 modules, built-in RS232 and RS485 ports, 2 channel 200K high speed pulse input, 2 channel 200K high speed pulse output, the program can be forever saved and the program capacity is 48K, with rich instructions which can meet the requirements of logic control. 


Picture 2 Electrical cabinet with Haiwell PLC HMI on site

3.Solution introduction

* There are two ways of traditional one PLC with multi-screen solution:

* 1Host PLC + communication expansion modules: such as Haiwell host PLC built-in 2 communication ports including one RS232 and RS485 ports, and it can be expanded with other 3 communication expandsion modules S01RS,so the total serail ports can be connected with 5 host computers. If it is Ethernet type host PLC, the total serail ports can be connected with 6 host computers, tis solution can be widely used in general applications, there are fully sufficient of ports. But commucation modules occupy expansion module amount and different touch screen must be downloaded program separately and it can not achiveve synchronous control and can not remote access to mobile phone APP,ipad and PC web access. 

* 2Through serial communication between touch screens to achieve multi-screen networking. Hardware requirements: the touch screen must have 2 serial ports. Such as COM1 and COM2. The general COM1 is connected with PLC device then select PLC drive. For COM2, select touch screen internal protocol, host screen and slave screen COM2 ports are connected via 485, thus completing the hardware configuration.  In the software, slave screen must have the same program as the host screen , or the host screen program should include data and image of all slave screen. In the way, host computer function is relized via serial post. But the disavantage of this solution is obvious, the actual slave screens cannot over 3 pcs and the commucation speead is slow, touch screen operation isn’t smooth and also can not achieve remote access to mobile phone APP, ipad and PC web. 

* Haiwell C series HMI multi-screen networking solution introduction( recommend ):

As mentioned before, we know that C7 harware function,whhich built-in standard Ethernet port and the Ethernet port can be synchronous to communication and networking, upload and download program etc. It built-in 2 serial ports, both can be used for RS232 or Rs485 communication. Haiwell multi-screen networking diagram as below:


Picture 3 multi-screen networking diagram

In the networking diagram, host HMI and slave HMI IP must be setting as the same networking segment. Only host screen need to download on-site control program and slave screen don’t need to download any program, it just needs power-on and long-press the upper right corner of HMI for 5 seconds to enter the background “project”, as below picture:


Select “connect networking project”


In the pop-up interface, just directly input IP address of host HMI. Such as this example, as below picture:


In a similar way, other slave HMIs also follow the same operation to achieve synchronous screen as host HMI. Besides, through this solution, not only keep consistent screen,smooth operation, good real-time performance and in theory, there is not limit of slave screen amount. On-site control, if require everyone to operate the screen of HMI independently and don’t need synchronous control, just need to configure in the cloud scada software(the same software as HMI), project- project inforamtion-extended -senior -picture configuration synchronization:

* Picture synchronization: whether it is operation through host HMN or slave HMI, all screens switching can achieve real time synchronization. 

* Non-picture synchronization: whether it is operation through host HMN or slave HMI, they are independent of each other and do not affect each other.

* Custom: choose a bit variable, when this bit state is OFF, indicating that the picture is synchronized and ON means that it is not synchronized. If users prefer custom, they can make a bit switch button in touch screen, which can realize switching freely, as shown below:


3.Solution summary

* In this solution, there is no limit of slave HMI amount, networking fastly, easy to realize one PLC- multiple screens, besides, it is very convenient and practical to be used in multi-screen applications such as assembly line multi-station, hotel management, building automation and so on. 

* Fast response for on-site operation whether it is host HMI or slave HMI and it has technology advantage compared with traditonal networking.

* Only need host screen to connect to network switch then we can operate and monitor screens and parameters on mobile phone , ipad or computer.

* Through Haiwell HMI can also remotely upload and download HMI program, firmware upgrade, historical data record export and other operations.

* Through Haiwell HMI can also remotely upload and download PLC program, firmware upgrade, monitoring and PLC information diagnosis.