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Haiwell PLC HMI four-head filling machine-wiggling cover machine solution

2020-08-07 16:36:51 market

The four-head automatic piston liquid filling machine is improved on the basis of the original two-head filling machine series products, and some additional functions are added.  Make the product operation, installation adjustment, equipment cleaning, maintenance and other aspects more simple and convenient.

Widely used in daily chemical, oil and other industries, can be used for filling with different high viscosity fluids.  The machine design is compact and reasonable, the appearance is simple and beautiful, the filling quantity adjustment is convenient.

Field Video


Figure 1 Field equipment

1. Selection and configuration


* 10 inch TFT screen ,1024*600 resolution, A8CPU,4GB Flash + 512M DDR3

* Intelligent management, support cloud / mobile phone access control, strong operability;

* Integrated Haiwell Cloud cloud services, built-in Haiwell cloud engine; mobile phones APP、 computer cloud sites and remote download of HMI and PLC programs

PLC:H60S0T-e H36DOT T16S0T-e( filling machine part) H40S0T-e( cover twisting machine part)

* H series of high-performance PLC, can be extended to 7 modules, with one RS232, one RS485 port, optional Ethernet port;

* Program permanent preservation, program capacity 48 K, rich instructions, fully meet the field logic control requirements;

* Single machine support 16 I/O (8 channels 200 KHZ high speed pulse input),16I/O (8 channels 200 KHZ high speed pulse output);

* One 485 ports support different data format, baud rate of different salve machines.


Figure 2 Diagram of the network

2. Introduction of control scheme

The filling machine consists of three parts: Storage tank, filling mainframe and frequency conversion speed control conveyor part.

The storage tank is located in the upper part of the machine and is an normal pressure tank with liquid level sensor and feed solenoid valve.

The liquid from the previous process is put into the tank through the solenoid valve, when the appropriate level height is reached.  The signal is sent out by the liquid level sensor, and the solenoid valve is closed and stopped by the electrical control part. When the material surface drops to a certain position, the feeding solenoid valve can be opened and fed again.

In the lower part of the storage tank, the outlet is connected with the suction pipe of the filling engine through the pipeline. When the main engine works, the liquid in the storage tank is pumped into the piston cylinder, and then filled into the bottle through the nozzle.

After filling completed, then send to the torsion cover machine part for mouth covering by conveyor belt.

In addition to the above control, there is an human machine interface to achieve the following control requirements:

* A parameter monitoring: HMI real-time display filling volume, filling speed, filling completion number and other operating parameters, as well as control system hand automatic switching and modification, and display process diagram;

Alarm information: real-time display of alarm information and can query historical fault parameters;

3. Field control photos


Figure 3 Local HMI end


Figure 4 Field assembling line

4. Project examples

Some HMI project examples


Figure 5 Main control page


Figure 6 Status monitoring page


Figure 7 Manual interface


Figure 8 Bebugging Page

5. Scheme conclusion

HMI support network download, USB download;

* Integrated Haiwell Cloud cloud services, built-in Haiwell cloud engine, convenient remote debugging program;

* Haiwell PLC485 serial communication support different baud rate, different protocols, different data format communication at the same time, one 485 port links machine main control PLC and auxiliary control PLC and capping machine communication;

* Ethernet PLC can be accessed by multiple upper machines at the same time, and the Ethernet port can also be used as the main station to access other devices, can be master or slave, easy to debug;

* The unique Haiwell communication instruction HHWR、HWRD, an instruction realizes the simultaneous interaction of different types of data PLC the main and auxiliary, and simplifies the program steps.

* Single machine up to 8 axis 16 point high speed pulse output, synchronous control four-head filling machine 4 pumping servo ,4 moving servo two-way movement. integrated instruction PLSY, direction pulse control simultaneously, supports real-time modification of frequency, and realizes three-stage speed (start filling speed, intermediate filling speed, end filling speed) control of filling process.