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Haiwell IIoT Application in mooncake packaging machine from Malaysia

2021-04-08 15:28:58 market

1. Industry background

The traditional packing machine is a device which pack unpacked or small packed products. It’s been a trend that there are more and more industrial robots in automation with the booting productivity, the simplified process and the higher security. Our packing machine improve based on the ordinary, and use with Internet. Via Haiwell HMI, users can real-time monitor the health of device, view the history data, alarm information and remotely control the device on PC, cell phone etc. Connection chart as follow:


FIG.1 Connection chart of mooncake packing machine

2. Control scheme

This scheme selects Haiwell AT Series card-type standard PLC and 7-inch IoT cloud HMI, it support remote and real-time monitoring of mooncake packing machine on PC, mobile phone etc. The historical data record and fault warning upload on time.


FIG.2 The SCADA display on PC

Users can also real-time monitor the on-site equipment, even if they are away from the site. There would be some benefit, that reduce the time of works to maintain the equipment, greatly improve labor efficiency.


FIG.3 The SCADA display on mobile phone

The device can be controlled via application of cell phone and applet of WeChat from thousands of miles away. Customers can reasonably array maintenance works according to the situation. intelligent warning, efficiency handling of on-site faults.

3. Field application

The mooncake, which made by mooncake production line, go along a conveyor belt one by one to in front of packing robot, and arrayed automatically. The robot pack them to achieve the purpose of second packing.

The video of packing machine

Mooncake transport: Mooncake are carried by conveyor belt to in front of packing robot, and arrayed by mechanism front of robot. The arrangement can be modified according to customer requirements. The on-site device as follow:


FIG.4 The photo of on-site packing machine

Packing boxes transport: Packing boxes are parked in the working range of the robot by conveyor belt. When packing boxes are full, PLC will be received a signal to prompt to transport new boxes.

Packing mooncake: When the mooncakes are arrayed, the robot will grab them and put them into the packing box accurately. Adopting Haiwell A series card-type PLC, the PLC part of the control cabinet as follow:


FIG.5 The photo of PLC part