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Haiwell Application in filter press

2022-03-23 15:20:40 haiwell

Filter press uses a special filter medium to put pressure on the object, so that the liquid can be dialysed out.It is a commonly used solid-liquid separation equipment and widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, dye, food, brewing, ceramics, environmental protection and etc. The advantages of filter plate are stable, easy-to-use, safe, labor-saving, high temperature resistance, and high pressure resistance.

Pressure filter industry is developing to remote monitoring and centralized monitoring. Haiwell HMI is also used in this equipment. Haiwell HMI supports mobile phone APP and web monitoring, remote download of HMI and PLC programs and other functions. These function is convenient for engineer to remote debugging in the early stage, and maintenance in future.

Figure 1 Operation video of filter press on site

The equipment is made up of mechanical and electrical part. The mechanical part is divided into the base of fuselage, trolley, filter plat and etc. The electrical part is mainly composed of Haiwell PLC, Haiwell HMI and inverter. According to the number of drawing board, it can be divided into single-layer board control and multi-layer board control.

Electrical control system is divided into hydraulic control, frequency conversion control, PLC program control, which consists of manual and automatic control mode. Electrical action includes pressing, loosening, pulling board, return four actions.

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Figure 2. Main program

海为工业自动化 工业物联网

Figure 3. Program of drawing board

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Figure 4. Application on site

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Figure 5. Application on site

The advantages of Haiwell solution:

1. PLC control. Diaphragm filter press equipment use the design of automatic cloth washing filter.It is not only saving water, but also saving time. It also uses the design of the automatic unloading and automatic pull plate. It can be easily controlled by one person.

2. HMI remote monitoring. Client can monitor equipment at any time and any place. Usually, a plant needs more than one filter presses. There are a lot of dust, high humidity, peculiar smell on site. The data of all the devices can be monitored by using Haiwell HMI. Operators will know the status of equipment in the office. It improves the work environment of operators.